Monday, June 16, 2008

Test of Strength: 1 Rep Maxes

Time: 0900
Commercial Gym

Warm up circuit:
Shoulder circles with 10 lb plate (clockwise and counterclockwise) x 10 reps
Pushups x 15
Standing shoulder presses with 10 lb plates x15

Barbell Flat Press 115 lbs x 7/ 135 x 7/ 155 lbs x 7/ 215 lbs x 7/ 225x1 (this is my one rep max)

A1) Incline DB Presses 50 lbs 12x 4
A2) DB Flies on Stability Ball 17.5 lbs (12x2) / 20 lbs (12 x2)

B1) Decline DB presses 30 lbs 15 x 3
B2) Decline Pushups on Sb with SB Jacknifes 5 reps x1 /4reps x2

C1) Standing Upward Chest flies (40 lbs x 10/50 lbs x8/60 lbs x 4)
C2) Lying down cable flies (on bench) 20 lbs x 3

D1) Assisted dips (50 lbs assist x 8 x 2 sets / BW dips x 8 last set)
D2) Cable wood chops 25 lbs/25lbs/25lbs (10 reps x 3)

Isolation ab supersets x 2:
E1) Cable torso twists standing (25 lbs x 8)
E2) Upward Cable chops (25 lbs x 8)

Treadmill Intervals 6 cycles 30 sec work/90 sec rest (7/10 / 3/10. Short but not too intense)

15 minutes Upright Bike slow steady cardio immediately after HIIT.

10 minute sauna

Post workout meal.

Off day today from work so sleeping in after an off day yesterday from any workouts was good. My local gym I go to has 2 floors. As soon as I got upstairs: it was packed! I guess Mondays are the busiest times in gyms around this time of day

Won’t post my workouts here regularly but I thought I’d share a workout I did today in my blog. I’m pretty proud of my bench numbers for the day. I wanted to establish a baseline for determining my 1 rep maxes on the bench to be able to gauge where exactly I am at this point for future mass building workouts (majority of my workouts have been fat loss focused as well as conditioning and strength based). Always start your workouts with the big muscle groups fresh so I hit the Bench first which was cool. Reminded me a lot of what I me and my good friend used to do! Brings back great memories. This time around, he was at work so I pretty much (got there later too) and did everything without a spotter to help me out. One thing I think I did wrong here was start off with a lower weight before getting up to 225 lbs.

Anyway, here are my calculations based on my 1 rep max today:
1 rep max: 225 lbs
50% 1 RM 113 lbs
55% 1 RM 124 lbs
60% 1 RM 135 lbs
65% 1 RM 146 lbs
70% 1 RM 158 lbs
75% 1 RM 169 lbs
80% 1 RM 180 lbs
85% 1 RM 191 lbs
90% 1 RM 203 lbs
95% 1 RM 214 lbs

I’m always fascinated with program creation. Something which I suck at really...and I'll be the first to say it. At this point in my training, I’ve decided to change up my routine some and focus a little more on working on some areas that need some attention as far as mass gains as well as still lean out in the process. I want to try to see how I’d do without a formal program on hand so to speak for a few weeks and create a program of my own here just to see what results I may get from it. Won’t be something I intend on doing for an extended period of time but definitely something to keep me busy while learning some new approaches in the process in program creation.

Pretty pooped out right now as I type this...but I like it. May have to get a few zzzz’s in before hooking up with a friend for some indoor volleyball tonight at 7pm.

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Andy said...

Aw man...the volleyball game we had last night was off the hook! It was 6 man and there are some pretty good high school kids who have some hops...fortunately though even at our 30's and haven't played in years - we showed em up as well. :)

What a workout! Forgot how much volleyball really works up a sweat after all these years. May have to do this regularly here on out.