Sunday, June 1, 2008

The San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon

Today is the annual Suzuki San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon! Came into work today and saw flocks of people walking into the the Downtown area from teens to adults (tons of road closures all over the downtown area). What an incredible atmoshere of people joining a contest with different goals and aspirations but with the same social support we have at Turbulence Training to push themselves towards the finish line. The fulfillment of just finishing it is almost like moving mountains. Entertainment stages with live music and cheerleaders from start to can one not be motivated through this marathon. The power of social support for us right there - to enter something with a cause, a goal in mind and just take on lifes mental and physical challenges along the way.

And again - from a personal standpoint, sometimes the journey is more valuable to me than the destination. It's what you learn along the way is what makes who you are now.

Yesterday May 31, 2008 was the last day for people to join the 2nd Transformation Contest at Turbulence Training. I have seen a few familiar friends joining in the 2nd one as well as new and ethusiastic ones coming in joining this 2nd one for their very 1st time. As with anything in it with a purpose and the "journey" won't seem as long to get there. Wish them all well!

Enjoy the journey! Let's all move mountains in our own unique way!

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