Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Been a Busy few days...

Wow...I haven't blogged in over 4 or 5 days. It's been extremely busy for me the past several days as I had to prepare for an annual skills competency exam. It was a 2 part exam consisting of a written exam followed up with some hands on nursing skills stations I had to go through and complete. I literally had to read tons and tons of paper...I almost felt like I was cramming for a huge test back in my college days in Nursing School!

But nonetheless, still managed to get my workouts in regardless of schedule. I learned this at the TT site from a quote from Craig on his daily tips thread (and I rephrase here): "Make exercise like an appointment". If you can set yourself 30 - 45 minutes a day to exercise, then there's no way you can skip it. It's that matter how busy your lifestyle can be. Because like every appointment you have to make, it now becomes part of your to do list. And once you're done, you can continue taking care of other priorities like family, work and school. That's almost only an hour of a 24 hour day for us...think about that.

And the true benefits of exercise is endless: one thing it provides me is MENTAL CLARITY. A perfect example of this was yesterday's workout. I did Workout B of Craig's newer TT Program called March Madness the morning of my exam day yesterday. I got up that morning kind of cob webby (all the stress an exam like this would do to you really)...but I still managed to drive my kids to school that morning, get on some gym gear and do my workout. The exercise routine I did yesterday helped so much in clearing my mind of distraction and stress - just like a cup of coffee - I was awake, alert and ready to face that dreaded exam that followed that afternoon.

I'm a morning guy...and I like to hit the gym early morning (it's the first thing I do when I get up. I just get up and do it. I've developed such a habit to keep exercise a routine in my lifestyle that I am a firm believer that exercise is probably the best defenses against sickness or disease even effectively fights mental stress that comes with an upcoming exam much like the one I had to prepare for yesterday. And you feel so much better after a round of exercise - you don't feel as sluggish throughout the day.

Just like a cup of gets your day going.

Anyway, fortunately things are finally back to normal and on schedule but slowly easing myself into my other things I enjoy doing on a routine basis (which does not include studying every night by the way).

The current TT program I'm on has really been hitting me pretty hard. It's quite a change up from the previous TT programs and I can feel a difference in body response here and I like it.

2 more weeks of this program, a week off and it's off to another program. There are quite a few good ones Im interested in doing so we'll see!



Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Andy! Glad your exams are over...


Andy said...

Thanks Fred....