Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Who would win this fight?

Ok, so I love youtube. So thankful to Chris Lopez for providing me a perfect tool for that (will be posting a flip camera video of mine for him shortly)...

Full slate Tuesday yesterday...still managed to get my TT workout in before anything else of course. That always starts my day right. Got a light one in today for good measure....

My son loves Iron Man. Since the movie came out he has a pretty good collection of Iron Man toys of different variants. From the red and gold, to the Silver Iron Man, to the Blue Iron Man?! Anyway, on the tube...my eldest son (Andrei) and I were watching Iron Man videos on youtube while Dad (me) was working on some cabinets for Mom in the garage (I have a laptop so access to the internet is much easier. I've been on and off the net all day yesterday taking breaks...pefect forearm workout - a screw driver! Hahaha!!).

In the garage we found a pretty amusing video of Iron Man...but here's the twist - in a fight with Bruce Lee! My twins are only 4 years of age but have seen the full movie of "Enter the Dragon" three times - and they are awed with all the stuff he can do on screen - they try to do some of Lee's stuff all the time on one another at home and I always end up breaking it up. It's so interesting to see them interact nowadays it's hillarious! Hahaha!! I know...I shouldn't be doing that! But seriously, my twin boys seem like they're ready for some pre-school Karate classes and we're planning on enrolling both of them this summer. But we're really feeling out how interested they are at this point and may get them enrolled for the summer.

Now who would win here? Watch the video...

I love Iron Man...I used to collect his comic books many years ago (yes, I am a comic book geek at heart...always will be!). I think my boys are next to follow here soon.

And just like Iron Man, Batman, Superman...they're all fiction.

That video means more to me than what the naked eye sees (i.e. my son thinking Iron Man just got his ass beat down and broken to pieces). I see it as a lesson learned...in fitness, we can really get so sulked into health supplements, the latest workout gizmo or latest high tech machine making us think there are ways to make losing weight or even getting a better physique eaiser.

I think Lee did most of his training with body weight, maybe some BB's and thing like that - and a few sparring partners to unleash his wrath. But that's besides the point. It's his will. I think his mindset is something we should all strive for. Maybe not as dedicated but at least make every effort in your gym - count.

There are no easy ways about it...Lee put his heart and soul into it, and obviously enjoyed what he was doing.. And I always use Bruce Lee as a perfect example of what it takes. I think no one will ever come close to his commitment - shoot, not even half of his commitment. But this guy has amazing abs and is super fit. I may never get to that point ever in my lifetime - but he's definitely an inspiration for us all.

His approaches to his craft is what we all should strive for...everyday.



Anonymous said...

Great vid, Andy! (Where do you guys find this stuff?!?)

I'm in your camp with B.Lee...he sounds like he was an amazing dude...I've read stories about the amount of power he could generate with a punch by only being a few inches from the target. (fact not fiction) All internal energy...or mindset, if you will.

Thanks for the post!!!


Andy said...

I really don't know how I find these things Fred!

Yep, I heard of that 1 inch power punch of his. It's amazing.