Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Consistency is Key

Got this from on a new article about the team's start off season conditioning program later this month as they get ready for another exciting 2009 season. It was written by Casey Pearce from on March 9, 2009. Interesting article as it touches some pretty good insight on training, weight loads, bw stuff, how to stay consistent and even why it's still important for the players to still be watching their caloric intakes on the off season too.

Click here for the official article. Some good stuff to read!

Btw...LT (Ladanian Tomlinson) just signed a contract extension for 3 more years.


Anonymous said...

Nice article, Andy.

I like the part about dealing with 'soreness' at the end...I'm always a little sore after a workout (at least 75% of the time) but you just accept it and work through it. Consistency is definitely the key.

Not over-training is crucial, though. There have been times when I think I'm still in my 40's like a few of the guys I lift with and I end up paying for it big time the next day or so. I guess I'm a "slow learner!" (Ha!)

Go Redskins!!!! (Ha!)

Anna said...

That's a great article and one that a lot of people should really take into consideration when starting on a new workout program after a long (or even short break).

I find that once I start a new workout routine, I get sore during my first week even though I've been working out consistently.

Thanks for a great post, Andy! You rock!