Monday, March 2, 2009

A True Cardio Confessional Story....or my own act of pennance?

I heard of the cardio screw your whole diet up one day thinking you can make up for the losses in that battle with excessive amounts of cardio's true - the old saying goes: you can't outwork a bad diet but this probably has happened to the best of us. You're in denial if it's never happened to you at one point in your lives...well it hit me today and I was not happy about it. Not on a Monday.

So this was my first true cardio confessional I've had in many, many months...but I'll call it my act of Pennance.

–noun 1. a punishment undergone in token of penitence for sin.
2. a penitential discipline imposed by church authority.
3. a sacrament, as in the Roman Catholic Church (I am Catholic by the way), consisting in a confession of sin, made with sorrow and with the intention of amendment, followed by the forgiveness of the sin.

I'll call todays nutritional falters - a sin indeed - so I will call this evening workout "my act of pennance". Will it make up for a bad day on the nutritional front - who knows really.. But psychologically - it kind of made a whole lot of sense in a way and kind of "off set" an otherwise bad day of eating over an otherwise great TT workout this morning.

So after a an hour and half of volleyball...I did my own version of Nutbagness. So I dropped my gym bag and did the following routine:

- 200 KB swings (85 continuous before taking breaks after every 30 or so reps...did this one rather quickly!)
- 200 weighted jump ropes
- 200 meter run

Sweat just literally dripping from my forehead. Pooped. Wiped out. Done.

Another hard and challenging TT workout tomorrow morning....

Time to spend time with the family and watch a taped episode of tonight's Heroes! =)



STBF said...

Andrew my son, before you may be completely absolved of your sins, you must unload your conscience. What were those sins? Sugar? Fat? Cheetoes, Fritos, and Doritos? Perhaps you wandered into the Brothel of Mickey D's and quenched you lustful thirst with a Shamrock Shake? Oh how jagged is the path to true Buffness my jagged indeed! Ignore those who would seek to destroy you. Ignore B. King and Wendy...ignore the talking chihuahua, and listen to your heart.

My prayers go out to you Brother Andrew.

Padre Smoke

Anonymous said...

Way too hard on yourself, Bro' Andy! As we use to say in Jersey, "fagidaboudit!"

(Padre Smokeulus III is a hard taskmaster...)

"Dominus Vobiscum; Et cum spirtu tuo..."