Saturday, March 7, 2009

Forward and onward....

Great week. I feel good, I feel great and thankfully away from any ailments (knocking on wood) when the winter season is almost coming to an end and a new season just coming around the corner.

Down to the lowest weight I’ve ever been in almost a year at just under 163 lbs. I really re-committed myself at the end of last year – that if I’m going to do a workout program – I’m not just going to just do it but will keep nutrition in check as best as I could. Pretty happy with the TT programs that I’ve been doing lately and to be vainly blunt – I feel like I’m getting to where I really want to be at this point - which is a good thing. Although I have been getting comments that I’m leaning out some and have been told to stop, I’m going to keep pushing the ticket these next 4 weeks.

May have gotten some much needed ear pulling from some friends over last Monday’s mishap…it’s all good. I always need that…it’s good for accountability on my part and got some good sound advice I got from some good group of people to keep my mind on the right path. Definitely helps refocusing towards the “goal” here.

Anyway, got a great TT workout in this morning inspite of a very physically taxing volleyball game last night. Still managed to set my alarm clock early enough to get my TT routine done before heading off to work. Lots of lighter than normal weight used and just going through the motions with the program today for the most part. Anyway, got up this morning feeling a little banged up - some soreness of both upper and lower body today. Lots of jumping and swinging last night. We were literally on the court for 2 hours. We play “winner stays” at the open gyms I go to and we were just beating everybody we were up against. Pretty good solid core group of 6 we had last night. Really enjoyed it to the fullest.

What I didn’t realize was a bruise I have on the palm of my right hand. It might have been from a block or a swing that may just have hit it right on the money…nothing too serious – just found that kind of weird as I've never had this type of injury since I was in college.

Forward and onward...


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