Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Slipping a little? Here's an awesome "Pick Me Up" Video...

Love the Gospel quote in the beginning of this video: “Hope deferred makes the heart sick...but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.” Proverbs 13:12

Ronnie Coleman...man, who of my generation did not remember growing up idolizing this guy? Ok we all know he's got great beastly genetics but on the downside also with a little "unnatural-ness" with it as well considering all the supplements and steroid use these guys use. But give this man his due: he’s bigger than life in his passion for body building and it was so awesome that someone on youtube was able to make a kick butt video with the perfect song to go with it (Adema - “Planets” - a workout song I’ve had on my ipod for sometime.) He made this video apparently because it gives him that motivation when he steps into the gym. It's very motivating and kind of keeps that drive going for me too each time I watch it.

Here it is:

How motivating is that?

Moving on here. Moping and groping about some wrong choices isn’t going to help matters in reaching any type of goals. That will just hold you down even more from attaining them if you think about it too much.

To MikeZ and Fred: thanks for keeping it real for me....



Anonymous said...


'nuff said.

(Awesome song, Andy! Another one of your favorites I'll be buying later tonight...)


Roundballnz said...

Just popping in - great to see the nutbag committee has given you clarity .....

Anna said...

Hey Andy, no wonder you went to play volleyball and did the nutbag workout! I mean how bad can your nutrition be? I think that you have a handle on the nutrition front more than some people yah know?!

Wow, that guy is huge! I mean even his hands are huge.

Thanks for your kind words in my blog and thread (and also just for the visit).

I'm sure you'll finish strong!