Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ahh...my blog!

Ok..been taking my time with getting back into the swing of things..blog included. Got back into another familiar yet difficult Turbulence Training Program called the TT Hardcore Fatloss Program...absolutely killer of killer fat loss programs...just a tad bit modified this time to throw a curve ball to an otherwise difficult and advanced workout routine.

But why back to fat loss?

Because I want to! =)Plus I miss power moves and BW stuff that Craig has alot in this program that I really like. Heck there's tons of programs to choose from at his Turbulence Training Website. Just trying to find the right one to use is the hardest!

Anyway, have modified todays complex routine with a complex I got from Alwyn Cosgrove. Great complex routine...and it was A butt kicker. Finished it off with Craig's BW routine that was equally challenging.

Complexes are killer and I love doing them...it's hardcore circuit training in it's truest form. All the great one's have them in their philosophies so I suggest you try them if you haven't yet. They'll kick your butt and they are absolutely awesome for fat loss!

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