Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Muscles are hurtin...

What a change up of programs...really different approach here for me. My chest is still sore, my ass hurts...MY RIGHT HAND HURTS and its only a matter of hours where I'll be feeling my back muscles sore here shortly.

I literally feel like I'm getting punched by Pacquiao each time I step in the gym each morning these past 3 days....and there's 2 more sessions to go before ending Week 1 of 4.

Doing a classic TT workout that I'm really getting a different effect as compared to last programs I've done. And I'm constantly keeping food in my mouth again. No cal deficits here...but I need to watch it so I don't get into those splurges. Got to work on that aspect. Also another thing I do need to work on is getting enough sleep at night - something that's very hard to do with a young family and 3 young boys running around the house...I probably average 5 hours of sleep at the most. Not good.


Yesterday's squat work was awesome. I was able to pull off 315 lb on the parallel squat for 2 reps. New personal record right there. Yeehaw!

Anyway, enjoying the new workout and hope to see some results by the end of 4 weeks!


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fitness-siren said...

Hey Andy, long time no hear...haha. We've both been quite busy I guess. Sorry about the hand but glad to hear that you're sore (which means you're still pushing hard). What TT program are you on right now?