Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Hand

Damn...got a good one last night playing volleyball. Yup, the good ol burn blister from a pancake save last night (which was a pretty gnarly move btw! wish I got that on video!)...

anyway, here's a pic of my right hand with that nice looking "Oww-ie". To think I still played with a jacked up hand was crazy. Still had a great game though!

What's a pancake save? Here's video clip of an explanation of it. This guy looks and sounds a bit stoned though. Hahaha!!!

In action (he didn't need to slide much, I went about 2 feet longer) :

wicked move...but my hand is paying the price! Ouch!

Sorry...had to show my hand here. I also noticed those ugly looking calluses right at the upper part of the palm. Yuck. hahaha!!!

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