Monday, June 1, 2009


First of the program.

After several weeks of Dos Remedios Power Training Workouts - I've decided to get back to a different yet similar type of training: Turbulence Training. Just like the word "diet"...I personally I dont like the word bodybuilding because it just doesn't sound right to me either. Resistance Training sounds alot more health/fitness related than a word abused by many (bodybuilding).

I could easily have stayed the course with Power Training...but I think 6 weeks is good enough. Not a training athlete by any means but I do take volleyball a bit seriously too so it sure was great training like one, and I will definitely be using Dos Remedios' principles quite frequently throughout the year. I learned sooooooo much and definitely see progress with my sport.

If you have no idea what his workouts are, I suggest you check out his book on Amazon.

Athletic training, functional strength...something we should all incorporate in a routine one way or the other in your training...rosstraining, power trianing have all have this in their philosophies and more. But I need a change the next 3-4 weeks. Really feel I got my strength back after laying off actual full weight training approaches from January to April (lots of BW, circuit stuff really). And lots of knee and hip work involved with Power Training so I need to start getting back to really getting more muscle tacked on this body frame. So I'm currently doing a TT routine called the Beach Body workout.

So I took the dip on this great one and ready to run with it for the next 30 days.

Did today's workout and am definitely feeling the effects here.

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