Friday, June 12, 2009

I don't normally do this...

But I couldn't help see what I saw at the gym today. Don't know why people have an affection for 3 machines:
1) the smith machine
2) the ab curl machine
3) the elliptical

How useless are these pieces of junk? Honestly? I know we've all been there. I used them too. But why haven't people learned enough that these gadgets just don't work as effective as free weights, your own body weight, a stab ball and some effective crunchless core work? It's really beyond me.

-->other side stories to note.....

Just a few days ago, I was involved in a work. Can't discuss the specifics but let's say there was a struggle and help took some time to get there. I had to jump in and had to help out...and that I did. Other than a few bruised knees, a contusion on my right arm and a sore neck...Lets just say I got a few good licks in there.

Which lead me to this: Had I not made that change a few years ago to turn this once obese body around...I don't think I would have lasted a second in that scuffle last Monday. I think I definitely put all that training into good use and got some great compliments that I just "didn't stand around" or run away from the conflict... I held my own out there. I normally don't involve myself in altercations ever - but this happened at work and let's just say I did the right thing.

Functional my line of work - you have to work on functional training as there are alot lifting, moving, bending...and sometimes fighting involved. It's just the nature of the beast. Mirror muscles are nice to have...but never neglect functional strength as for function is a good thing. If you are reading this - put functional strength in your arsenal. You'll never know when you may have to use that strength on something or someone. I know I did.

Enjoy the weekend....

- andy


andrewjameslowry said...

Andy I use the smith machine for my BB bench presses as called for in TT. I know it is not ideal but it is the only way that I know to lift without a spotter. I do some DB bench presses but even that has limitations without a spotter. Just getting started with heavy DBs can be an issue. So how do you do replace the SM when doing unspotted BB bench press?

Andy said...

Hi can do 2 things here:

1) Use Lockouts at a squat station while still going free weight. All equipped gyms have one.

2) Don't work to failure...but just drop your weightplates and finish your reps in a set.

Both safe approaches without using a Smith Machine. Always try to go free when you can. If the DB's are too heavy...and don't have a spotter - then scale back on the weight.


Smoketheblowfish said...

Hey Andy ~ Smith Machine...crap, Ab Curls...bigger pile of steamy crap, Eliptical...if used properly can be a decent tool (although I rarely hop onto one)

I definitely opt for DBs on any bench press. It's all about working your way up..not trying to do more than you can.

I hear you on the "scuffle". There are a lot of things we can do now that were not possible 1 or 2 years ago.

have a great weekend


Anonymous said...

Andy! Glad to hear you came out on the right end of the 'incident' at work...without knowing any details, sounds like you helped someone else out...kudos to you Mr. A! I'm sure you're very capable of taking care of business if you have to...

Be safe, Bro.


scorpiogrrl said...

hey Andy, the Smith does have it's uses .. inverted rows !!
Glad you came out ok from that scuffle at work sounds a little bit of a nasty situation