Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gettin' over the Flu Bug...

Tough trying to fight through a cold. Lost some steam heading into last weekend and got hit hard by Saturday. So I've stopped working out the entire time and just getting my mojo back today and played some 2 on 2 volleyball tonight.

Feeling my body out here. Listening to what it's telling me is very important...taking a week off after 8 weeks of training might be the norm for me here on out. Not making this a race to the finish line as there are no finish lines for me in this journey. Just tackling on different approaches and having fun with it and learning new things.

Lots of weight type training these past 8 weeks. Definitely a change up from alot of workouts I'm used to doing.

Hoping to get back into the swing of things starting next week. I would like to do one more week on my current program and decide what to do for next month...but really contemplating if this is something I really want to keep doing (i.e. mass building)...really miss the total body fitness/athletic approach with different interval training approaches that go along with it.


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