Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Blog I Highly Recommend

I subscribe to a few good blogs around the fitness internet world...but I have one blog I want to share with you.

His name is Erik Ledin...I've been reading up on this man's blog for quite sometime now as I recall a transcript from Craig's site on fat loss strategies and how to be successful at it. And like CB, Ross Enamait, Chris Lopez: this guy truly knows his stuff.

Erik is a Physique Transformation Specialist. He runs a fitness business called Lean Bodies Consulting. I would often learn alot of transformation tips from just his blog alone. I also learned alot of other things fitness related from strength training to diet approaches...the whole nine yards. He's another guy I look up to that definitely knows what he's talking about.

Check out his latest blogpost about the scale and his personal rants on it. and believe me, it's so true. Reading that one post again really gave me a wake up call I needed personally.

Let's not get too paranoid over a scale....

By the way...he hates the Biggest Loser Show. Can you blame him?

Here's his post on the scale and the whole bit:

Erik's Rants About the Scale



Roundballnz said...

Nice Andy ! - A man after my own heart on the scale

Tina/canuckgal said...

Great one Andy, thanks for posting this...its is what I needed to hear.