Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Great Ab Circuit and Tabatas Work today

Konked out last night...with only about a good 4 hours of sleep the other night and catching up with some good shows I like to watch on Monday nights (Heroes Rocks!)...I was literally wrapped around in a blanket last night and took an early night's sleep that was well deserved as the TT workout yesterday was a pretty good kick in the rear.

Feeling some pretty good aches all over. Yesterday was a nutritional disaster but today has been alot better thankfully.

Was reading up on some pretty good advanced ab meal plans from Isabel De Los Rios's 12 major nutritional principles and read some good stuff last night. You get those 12 principles down to a science...you won't have to count calories ever again. Very nice tips.

Did some ab circuits and a great tabatas workout for today....TT workout tomorrow...


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