Sunday, February 8, 2009

Euro Training....say what?

I don't know what this is but I found these hillarious videos on youtube and whatever this fitness craze is called: "Eurotraining"....this must be the latest fad in nutbag fitness =) :

I guess this is called a signature staple move of Euro Training:

I wish I had this ability to do the bench:

How's about this for intervals and plyometric training....

I guess the silver lining in this comedy fitness snippet is this: find a program that works for you...learn the system, understand the movement, understand the body and incorporate these philosophies in your exercise routines with that concept in mind - always. It's ok to second guess but be a sponge and learn the why's to a certain exercise and not merely just do them as they are written not knowing why we're doing them in the first place. It's ok to aim for the stars (we all should)...but if you get to that disappointment that the workouts are not "you" if you will: find your own little niches and you'll enjoy exercising even moreso.

And keep on learning new things...that's what keeps it going!

I was once almost coaxed into trying this system called P90X. My workout buddy said this was the coolest thing out there. After doing only one session of this workout 2 years ago - I was like: "Uh-uh..this isn't me." So I canned it and eventually started breaking off with my workout buddy with different approaches...he continued to do p90x...for the next few weeks, then did some Muscle and Fitness workouts as I on the other hand slowly but surely absorbed alot of things I found fascinating with Turbulence Training, Rosstraining, Volleyball strength and Conditioning workouts and FitandBusyDad workouts...almost all these workouts are geared towards what I want so I took that path and so glad I didn't fall off either.

We can't do every little exercise program under the sun...but we can always learn something new with some time and patience. That would take years to know every little exercise program there is on this planet!!! Plus, we'd all be personal trainers to boot wouldn't we.

But if we learn to appreciate a few of those great programs that have been tried and tested that really work...and believe in the system that they are in fact legit and really worth every penny and sweat you put in the gym - those are the one's you really have to trust in, listen to and take to heart.

Stick to it and keep it going. If you fall down...don't get discouraged but get your ass back up and never give up on your matter how long it may take to get there.

Trash what's useless (Eurotraining)...absorb what's useful...and make it your own!



STBF said...

Great videos Andy. I have a few set aside for my Valentine's Day Blog Extravaganza...not workout related.

That P90X commercial gets me every single time. It makes me want to call before the end of the infomercial just so I can slash the last payment of $39.95 and get priority shipping (5-7 days). I have stolen a few of the exercises and put them into some of Craig's sessions.

Later, Mikez

Anonymous said...

Hilarious...(Big laughs when he was dancing around with the "60lb" DBs...I can imagine Mikez doing that in his early morning workouts!)

Couldn't agree more Andy, on "keep on learning new things..." that's what keeps it all interesting..

Great food for thought on being persistent and never giving up on your goals. (You obviously walk your talk)



Anna said...

Great post right there, Andy! This is really true and what I have been learning myself. Find workouts that work of you and you enjoy. It just makes it easier for me to keep going to the gym and not make it seem like something I "had" to do but something I "want" to do.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

JuJuYeS !!! said...