Sunday, February 8, 2009

On schedule

As I had my measurements taken last Friday, the trainer whom I've become good friends with gave me some really encouraging that I wanted to hear too at 4 weeks in: "Continue what you've been doing the last 4 weeks and what ever results you got to this date, x that by 8 more weeks --- you will get your ripped abs." Having abs is alot different than having a ripped set of abs.

Big difference here.

Vain? Maybe...but who cares? I do! I want to get that rippedness and if I can just continue this for another 8 weeks and stay this course - I know I'll get there. So that means shooting for 90% compliance with nutrition and working my ass out with some great TT programs.

It's going to be hard. It's going to be super damn hard.

Yesterday was an off work a coworker had brought in some surprise cake for guess what? My birthday! Ahem...that was like more than a week ago. Anyway, it was an extremely busy day on top of it being a 12 hour shift as well so on top of the cake we got pizza and buffalo wings as a treat for the "hardwork" we were doing that about food challenges: this was it.

But here's the deal. I didn't have breakfast yesterday expecting the worse here at work. So when I found out about this little potluck thing going on, I took every single food I liked and put it on a plate. The best thing about it was - I hardly even ate the cake! I definitely took a good amount of the cake and put it aside on a nice small styro bowl, foiled it and took that home to my boys; I then grabbed 8 pieces of buffalo wings and a slice of pizza and litterally was taking bites of that plate the entire day...again all it was was 8 pieces of wings and a slice of pizza with some Coke Zero to wash it down.

In alot ways that would be considered a cheat meal for alot of us (on top of your every 3 small meals right?) but I was like a bird taking little pecks at the plate all day while on the move... Well, ok I did take a few bites off the cake to be honest with you. But nothing extra on top of this but 2 small corn on the cobs for an evening snack when I got home and brought home that delicious cake my family enjoyed.

I laugh at this looking back at it...but that's how I tackled this unexpected nutritional obstacle that is very common in the workplace on some weekends.

On the spot gameplanning...I think I won this one.

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Anonymous said...

Better man than me, Andy...I would have devoured the cake on the spot and brought the wings for my kids...

I know what you mean about "on the spot game planning": we have a woman at work who is always bringing in home-baked 'goodies' to share with everyone...VERY hard to resist, but I've gotten better since I've been following your blog, & Mikez' and Abby's blogs. Definitely helps!

Keep it up!