Friday, February 13, 2009

Don't Create Finish Lines...

This may sound like a little MikeZ aka SmoketheBlowFish here, but I'm posting what my thoughts are right now in this blog:

It's a reality my friends...

I've seen the gym crowd trickling by the numbers every time I head off to do a workout at the gym and there was a time this year where I would see the "rabits" hitting all sorts of weird fitness gizmos like gangbusters. Sweating, screaming in know the whole deal. I look around now and I don't see those faces much anymore. But what I do see is the "tortoises and turtles" - same old folks at the gym who I've always seen there every morning I'm the same hours I go...high fiving and just doing our thing each morning.

Unless it's an injury or your sick or your family is in danger - what is it that makes people not want to keep pushing on when the new year now becomes a distant memory?

Is it the cold weather mornings that make you want to sleep in and skip that drive to the gym to keep your butt from freezing that early? The "Oh, I'll just goof off a bit here and wait to get my abs and beachbody arms ready by the summer. This is the season where we all wear sweaters who's going to notice what's under that shirt?". Believe me, that's one classic I've heard a coworker say to me once.

I know this sounds harsh...but please: give me a break. Take the shirt off buddy...

Or are we just that: nutbags without a cause or just insane enough to constantly do what we're doing when others just pack up thier gym gear for next year. How many more next year's will it take?

But really now...what is it that makes the turtle beat the hare all the time. What makes them drive constantly - almost every day for 30 minutes to 45 hours a day (sometimes longer) - when the New Year Resolutioners just seem to die down day by day?

What gets in the way as to why people drop the exercise routines and go back to those old bad habits? Life getting in the way? Of course it does...and it should. I've been that route one too many times but you have to make the time. Again, you owe that much to yourself. Think about it.

Life is what you make it - so sorry to say this: but suck it up and deal with it.

The answers may sound simple but hard: It's inner drive...INNER MOTIVATION and nothing else. Don't make it a competition with others...but rather make it a challenge for yourself to keep pushing on and keep moving on.

You can only push you. But don't be pushed around by anyone else either. Do it because you want to do it.

Don't make finish lines like the resolutioners do...because they always never seem to reach it. But always intend to keep pushing the ticket every time you hit that iron. Expect this: it's always going to be an on-going journey here...and never ever make a finish line.


Anonymous said...

And that's why you're in my favorites, Andy...I like your "NO BS" attitude!

Brother Andy, Brother Smoke and Sister Abby run the show in the House of Iron...

Great post!


Roundballnz said...

Yup love the no BS ... just be glad Juju doesn't blog her workouts just might scare you !

RunTX said...

great blog!