Saturday, February 7, 2009

Week in Review

Week in review…

- 166 lbs, 1% TRUE BF lost in 2 weeks…I’m taking this. I'm averaging just about 0.5% bf lost per week after monitoring it more closely since checking them routinely since 1/9/09. Before I started religiously tracking this once again...I was at about 175 lbs late last year (kind of ballooned up to 175 after the twitter contest had ended back in September). So that's about 9 lbs weight lost if I think about it to this date.

- Workouts and Off Day routines have been great to this date…I’m taking this.

- 18 wide grips Pull ups…I’m taking this.

- Rest and recovery has been beneficial this week.

- Abs are definitely starting to show again…I’m definitely taking this!

As for all my body fat…you can take that! Any takers? I hope not!!!

Goals for next week:

- 19 or 20 wide grips. I'm taking Smoke's challenge this week.

- Lose .5% more body fat.

- Lose another pound here. 165 here I come…again.

- Continue to maintain sound nutritional strategies, with a little break here and there. Although I don't really have a diet journal here...I've been really standing firm for the most part with some cheats and some "prohibited" eats here and there. Hey, our body needs that and I won't get too paranoid over some lost nutritional battles throughout the week. It seems to be working so I'm sticking to it.


Forward progress here...and I'm really, truly excited about these next 8 or so weeks coming. May have to drop the strength training with the deadlifts and squats here for the next 8 weeks. The TT programs have been great so far...more tracking and more honest accountability really does help. Hoping to keep with other extras I like to do on off days when I like to circuit train, do a few weekly challenges and work on pull ups – I’m definitely hoping to keep this up here. Fingers crossed!

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