Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Personal Weekly Wide Grip Challenge...and a little experimentation!

Did 18 Wide Grip Pull Ups this morning...2 more from last week. That is huge for me!

Off from any formal TT training today (EDIT! - I'm lying. I did do some TT Style Cardio/BW stuff today as well as an Advanced Torso Training routine. ~ Andy)...so I wanted to do an EXPERIMENT - because my curious mind wants to know!

Anyway, this afternoon, I took a video of myself experimenting if there were really any true differences in using lifting hooks in a pull up or chin up. They really helped me alot starting off when trying to improve on my chin up pull up technique but I just really wanted to see if there was in fact any difference at all... fast forwarding to today.

Watch the video and hear my thoughts on it:


JUJU said...

It's incredible how fast you're increasing the number of reps!!
Keeeeeeep it up! :)

STBF said...

I call a foul! Based on the following reasons:

A) You bailed on #18 & #19. Next time call me, put me on loud speaker and I guarandamntee you will do at least 20 reps.

B) You're in a warm climate but wearing winter clothes? The extra weight impeded the super-duper powers of the straps.

C) Was that Yanni in the background? That in itself will drop the reps by 10-15%.

D) You weren't wearing the official Nutbag T-Shirt

later...maybe I'll try the widegrips too.


Andy said...


No "bail outs" here, Brother Mike...it's definitely "ON" now. I'll take that challenge and call you out too next time...won't be next week though...but who knows?

hahah!! Yanni...although there was some piano in the background...it's a short song called "Cure for The Itch" by Mr. Hahn from LP. That ^&*% gets me pumped.

Anonymous said...

You make it look easy...very nice!
(Very motivational, as well...)

Keep it up, Andy!


Roundballnz said...

Love it Mike - take no prisoners!