Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2nd Place!

News Flash! News Flash! News Flash!

I just got some great news only hours ago from Craig Ballantyne creator of his revolutionary workout program called Turbulence Training - that I had just won 2nd place for his 4th Turbulence Training Transformation Contest (male category)!!!

I honestly had no clue about this and just stumbled on the news at his dedicated forum site at ttmembers.com. I had logged online early this evening after being out of the house the entire day (well, I think you knew that already if you read my previous post.) =)

I would just like to take this opportunity in my blog to thank everybody who supported me throughout this great journey of mine since Day 1 which goes waaaaay back to September 5, 2006 when a very good friend of mine made me realize the joys of exercise once again at a weight of 225 lbs. To my family, close personal friends, the online fitness community (forums, email, blogs). My sincerest thank you's to each and every one of you...I really think winning in a contest like this only tells me one thing - that my own personal transformation has always been real and my motivations always genuinely sincere. So to everybody since Day 1 (that goes back to September 5, 2006) to now and beyond - my sincerest thanks to every single one of you. Although I always stress the motivation is always in the individual...throughout my own journey I also found that I continue to find that motivation from each and every one of you guys too....everyday.

And again - you all know who you are. =)

2nd place, man...it feels so great. I've always dreamed to be recognized to be up there with past TT Transformation winners - but I always knew at a personal level - I was always a winner no matter what. This is just a great way to close out a great run at an 84 day transformation right before Easter. But it doesn't stop there...and it shouldn't. I'll keep rocking it out as always. Guaranteed. No stops here.

Again...as long as I'm able to...this fitness journey will never come to an end and I will always try my best to use myself and my experiences as a means to inspire and motivate others if not myself. All it takes for me to find that motivation at a personal level is to look at that guy- on the right of this blog at 225 lbs in a pool with his shirt off. That's all it takes...and that's why I may never take that picture away from this blog.

The man in the mirror will never ever lie to you.

Very Special Thanks to Craig Ballantyne once again for the great programs...for more information on how to get started on your own personal journey's to fat loss and to find that motivation to get started...Turbulence Training should be your first stop. It's handsdown maybe the best investment you've ever made in your fitness journey. Give it a try and hope to see out on top in the next forthcoming Contest!

And when you do make the right decision to get started with Turbulence Training - remember: Lean with it, Rock with it!!!!!! And please tell Craig I sent you! =)

Thanks again...


For more information on Craig Ballantyne's Turbulence Training Programs...click HERE! (Trust me, you won't regret it! It truly works.)



Donna said...

Andy !

congrats ! Thoroughly deserved. You had my vote for sure. Keep up the great work and inspiration to everyone on the TT forums.


Anonymous said...

Awesome job! You really are an inspiration...

Keep it rockin', my friend.


SmoketheBlowfish said...

Congrats Andy, although in my unbiased opinion you deserved 1st. Dude, it wasn't really that close. I do give props to Jonny, he did a fantastic job.

Just between you and me and anyone else who reads this....

I find the "after" photo of Robyn a bit odd. A close up view makes me think that there might be a slight chance that it was altered (allegedly..I want to be legal and all). Her results were remarkable if it's real.

I still think you were robbed. And yes although I am happy for you, I'm a wee bit bitter that you didn't take first.

Work harder next time or get more friends to vote for you. You could have oiled up, tanned, and stuck your belly out for the "before" pic.

Roundballnz said...

sarcasm running freely as always -- but yup big ups to Andy you worked hard & deserve it as I have already stated elsewhere .....

Anna said...

Andy, I know I already congratulated you in the forums but you deserved to be congratulated again! I agree with Mike. I really think you should have taken the first place position although I'm not dissing anyone. I also have my opinion on the women winners but I'll just keep that to myself...haha.

Again, great job! I'm really happy and proud of you to represent the Pinoys. I know that you will keep on rockin'. No doubt about it.

Kelley Moore said...

Hey Andy! Congratulations! You worked so hard and did fantastic. Truly an inspiration to all of us. I'm charged up! Way to go! Can't wait to watch and see what you do next!

Andy said...

Thanks guys!