Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Morning Ramblings....

I've read up a study that was made last year (internet is so awesome) that showed that six in ten people who sign up to a gym quit within 6 months. Perhaps it is in the interest of those who make money from such things for people not to be shown the correct way to train. No direction = no progress. Where are the revolutioners from the New Year...where are the people who've made the initial commitment that are no longer to be found?

A gym membership down the drain...these days with the recession and money being so, soooo tight - that's alot of money wasted if you've only used that gym card 6-8 times during the last 6 months!!!! Think about it!

What about to those that have reached significant goals and then get stopped at the crossroads. You have to figure out what is going to continually work for you and commit to it. Don't stall out. Fill that tank up with more goals!

Back to the gym environment we all seem to go to... I hear this in the gym: "Work to to failure...train on a an elliptical for 30 minutes 6x/day - you'll get results." Sounds similar? Throughout gyms I hear the 5 sets of ten to twelve reps of each exercise -- pushing the human body over it's limit, wasting time for needless reps and exercises. How bout this one: three to four exercises per body part/one body part per day...again does this sound too familiar? How about those endless circuits to no end? It does sound plenty familiar to me in so many ways - as I was one of them once...sounds alot like a page from Muscle and Fitness Magazine. Those endless hours in a gym...not getting a single positive thing to take from all that overtraining of our bodies. Lot more is never a lot better. I'm a firm believer nowadays that that's just a myth and a pile of &*(&S*#t.

Not getting to your fitness goals? Look what's right there in front of you. Do you have a legitimate workout program and solid nutritional strategy to compliment it? If you do, blow the dust off from those pages - and do it to a tee as best as you can (if you have to modify here and there...that's fine - as long as it fits your actual program scheme to stay the course.)

Again have faith and believe in the approach you choose. There are better more time efficient ways to go about it here. Go with the shorter, yet intense training approaches in your repertoire and you will reap the benefits (again this is assuming your nutrition is good). There are plenty of legitimate's just a matter of taking it full on and staying consistent.

Again, it is a mindset. It is all in your mind that your muscles will shrink or you will not gain as much if you train less. If you eat smart and train smart - shorter, yet intense workouts will work for you. I can put my money on that approach any day...

You'll get to those goals in no time.


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Anonymous said...

Amen, Brother Andy!
And you're visual proof that you know what you're talkin' about!

"Syrma ferreus , remuneror mos adveho"...
("Work hard, rewards will come...")

Pacis , meus amicus!