Friday, April 10, 2009


Was at my buddy's pad yesterday afternoon after work and we were hanging out like little teenagers watching some VHS tapes of some old late 1990's Mr. Olympia videos of Flex Wheeler, Sean Lee, Ronnie Coleman - and we were just in awe of how unnaturally huge these guys were sporting a 28 inch waistline. Totally unreal but one thing for sure here - there's no question these guys train like BEASTS! We were looking at their form and they all look so great doing them. Sean Lee...was very knowledgeable during his interview. He was talking about how easy it is to be distracted during training. From relationships, to even keeping his sweater on during workouts because he tends to lose concentration when he looks at the mirror as he looks at his muscles more and not his form (I guess the that's how the term mirror muscles comes to play here)...We also were laughing out loud after the Mr. Olympia contest, of Flex Wheeler's day after competition meal. He ate an entire box of pizza in one seating. An entire box!!!!! Their nutrition is so spot on for 3 full months I can really sympathize with that, man.

But again...we both know what and how they got big to begin with. It isn't all workout and nutrition. We're both nurses...we know how juiced up these guys are.

But how in the world do these guys move around in real life. Nice for stage poses...but where's the function from all this? I don't think any of them wouldn't last a full quarter in a basketball game.

Annnnyyyway...was a pretty cool week that passed. Very good time to recover and simply relax. I feel like my mind is yearning exercising again but my body just isn't quite at that point yet. I'll give it a few more days. I'm sure after this weekend - everything goes back to "normal" again. Exercise: I find it the best way to relieve stress, stay alert and most of all feel good overall to get my days started. Can't wait to get back at it again full on starting Monday after Easter.


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Anonymous said...

Enjoy the weekend, Andy!

(My laptop died, so I have to write from work...It'll be a little strange not being 'plugged in' over the posts, etc)

Rest, recovery, relaxation...all the right ingredients for a terrific weekend!