Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Power of the Deadlift

Just want to ramble about the Deadlift exercise today...

Boy...the great feeling of the deadlift exercise - by far the best exercise in the universe. I love the deadlift. It works every muscle from your traps, back... all the way down to the muscles of your legs. I believe if there's any true exercise that can really develop multiple parts of your body - in just one move - this has to be it. It works your traps, core, back, legs... and I'll admit you do feel that sense of power when lifting that iron off the floor up to your hips in one solid move. can do this move for a few strength sets and that would be your workout for the day.

I did a few deadlifts the other day and although light as it may seem (I am barely getting back to lifting weights again) - I felt it the next day. I honestly felt it really good.

Deadlifts are primarily a "hip dominant exercise" that primarily works the thighs, hamstrings, and butt. But that's not the only muscles that are worked here!!! Not only does it work those big muscles of our body (legs) also hits the traps, the BACK, the lats, the quads, the glutes, the arms and forearms - and your CORE - all in one controlled, fluid move which only proves a point that the deadlift produces more results than the bench press and the squats.

I remember I was doing some nice deadlifts while doing a TT-specific program called the TT Hard Core Fat Loss program during the 12 week contest that just ended recently (2nd Place)...and here's just a pic I took around my 8th week:

Do the deadlift!


Anonymous said...

Deadlifts rock, Andy! One of my favorites, too!
(Before doing the TT programs, my favorite superset was 10 deadlifts followed immediately by dropping down and doing 15 pushups on the 3 to 5 sets and you have a nice, quick lunchtime workout.)

Man, you have some sick delts and back muscles!



SmoketheBlowfish said...

Deadlifts are so under-rated that few people do them. Think about it, you could do a set of Deadlifts, Pushups, and any pulling exercise and be done. Deadlifts are a near-perfect complete body exercise.

When are you guys sending Peavy to my Cubs?

Andy said...

Thanks Fred...

As far as JP going to the Cubs....I've heard rumors since last month. I think the Cubs have a new owner now so I think that's the holdup here.

He's gonna be huge for Chicago.