Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just another Manic Tuesday...

Been another busy Tuesday again..never really had the opportunity to really get online at all today. This evening things were able to settle down a bit - my only chance to catch up with my blog. Feeling much better today and feel like things are back to normal for me. So today's events were: getting up to get the kids to school, groceries, working on my home gym (got some good stuff to share soon), working on a backyard project with a friend, picking up my kids from school, taking them to McDonalds for lunch (had a nice tasty grilled chicken wrap for those wondering what I ate), bathing them and then taking them to intro soccer at 5 pm and then still preparing their dinner!

Definitely a fit and busy dad day for me, Chris! =)

Did an off day routine in the garage this afternoon. Was pretty damn good. With what time I had on my hands all day (if any at all) - this really kicked my butt.

Again...been doing some work in the home gym these past few days that's kept me quite busy on my off days - re-arranging things and adding a few things which I hope to share here soon.

Have a great one!!


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