Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ahhh...the GOOD life!

Yep...that's me! =)

Rest and recovery! =)

Been on full throttle since the end of last year. Finally after a quarter of the year in the books...I'm finally taking a week's off from any specific type of program.

Did a 12 week Turbulence Training Transformation contest and here's some pics to show for how dedicated I was to really shoot for some personal goals (FYI - I never formally mentioned that in my blog since I took the dip to participate in here back in January 9, 2009. My 12 weeks ended yesterday.). Really happy with the results too at a personal level...and best part of it all? I never missed a single workout.

It was really fun and enjoyed every minute of it...but it sure IS NOT over for me - not by a longshot! Are you kidding??? I'm intending to keep this going for as long as I can. =)

So I'm off...walking happy and content and into the sunset! Hahaha! Will post some good stuff here shortly. But this next week is all about finding new goals and refining some old ones. I think I really worked my butt off with my nutrition, my workouts and I hope the results you're seeing here show that. But again - it goes back to a lifestyle change. Ran out of the gates like gangbusters with a clear set of goals in mind and I honestly believe I accomplished everything I was set out to accomplish within a 3 month time to achieve them.

Now it's time to rest, recover and re-evaluate!

I won't be totally off from workouts though. Still would like to do some Yoga, Volleyball and Core Work this whole time. Just stay active even on an off week.

Enjoy the pics!



Anonymous said...

Wow, Andy...terrific pics!

It's amazing to see how far you've come when I look at your 2007 pics ..Kudos to you, man! Very motivational...

But please stay in touch! I value your opinion a lot and always enjoy your comments...Rest and recover and enjoy!



PS: Those are some sick back muscles, Andy...Awesome!

SmoketheBlowfish said...

Dude! Way to carve

Anonymous said...

Hey Andy,
Awesome blog and what a great transformation you have gone through. I hadn't seen your before photos until I came over (the really early ones) and you have done a great job. You are in incredible shape. Again, great job!
Jori from the TT forum

Andy said...

Fred, guys are my rock here at the blog guys...thanks for the kind words!!! Let's keep nutbagging it!

Andy said...

Hi there Jori!!!!! Thanks look great as well and hope you continue TT here on out beyond the contest!

I've come a long way as you can see through my old pictures...that's why I keep them on here: as a simple reminder of where I came from. Only goes to show: that anything is possible!

Yes, it's been a long journey for me in this fat loss game... a very long one that I'm thoroughly enjoying.

Thanks for the visit, Jori!!