Saturday, October 25, 2008


Glutes are pretty sore from yesterday's workout. Very happy with the personal best on the squats too. Had to skip today's workout this morning as my glutes are definitely feeling it right now. So I took my kids to the park and enjoyed some nice sunshine and spent most of the day taking care of things around the house.

Anyway, doing more reading on Barbell Complexes...they are fun and I see this as an important component to a very effective fat loss burning program. All the fitness greats incorporate some kind of complex in some of their workout routines... Chris Lopez incorporates it in one day of his Phase 2 program which is Hybrid Lifting but a complex just the same. Craig Ballantyne had one in a great September workout I did recently. If you've never tried them before and feel you need to break some monotony in a workout: give it a try. It isn't easy and it isn't supposed to be. And you don't have to use enormously huge weight: just enough to challenge you with each rep. It's a terrific way to change up routines and increase intensity of one's workout. Never feel like you half-assed a workout when you do one of these...that's for sure.

Read up on Steve Javorek's article on Men's Health Magazine and it's amazing information and learned alot about the history of Complexes as I was flipping through the pages in bed at home last night. Very interesting individual and for a man his age I can't believe he's still actively involved in fitness. I think he founded the Romanian Deadlift, too as he was originally Hungarian then migrated to Romania where he trained some of Romanian's greatest weight lifters and athletes for the Olympics.

But back to complexes...the great thing about them is you can use Kettlebells, Barbells or even Dumbells. Complexes would only take 20 minutes to complete...but definitely 20 minutes of hell at that..but definitely some great metabolic work for sure.

I'm a youtuber...and this is one video I kept in my library since last year and have had it since. Too bad he's never produced anymore other workouts (he has a few bodyweight ones I've enjoyed looking at too) but what he has are pretty gold (Mark is his name). He's very fluid and explosive and must have an awesome core. This is just some of the great stuff of what a barbell complex would look like:

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