Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Social Support...we need it.

Whoa...Heroes is shaping up to be one helluva drama series. Watching the most recent episode on TV last night and finishing the episode, I had no clue I konked out on the sofa.

Playing volleyball at 7 pm after a good workout that morning obviously didn't help matters....but it was a fun game nonetheless! :)

Got up early this morning and hooked up with my co workers for a trip to the gym like old times sake. Especially this time of the year...accountability to keep it going is a must. Thankfully I have personal friends and some online friends who share the same sentiments...

In the fitness lifestyle...and if it is a lifestyle and not a short term solution, social support is definitely a strong focal point of success. Last night my good workout buddy, who's recovering from pec surgery is slowly getting back into the groove once again which is so encouraging for the both of us. He's getting back into it which is good. 5lb, 10 lb weights...it's something to be really positive about. For the first time in months we drove with our other close friend (who I still manage to workout with every morning when we can and if family permits) and headed to the gym for our good ol morning workout routines like old times.

Did a great barbell hybrid lift routine which was really cool, some ab work and a good 5 minute run we did together back to work for a good sweat (note: we carpool, park our car and walk to the gym and jog back to work. There is a 24 hour fitness only 5 blocks away).

Social support in fitness! It's great!

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