Sunday, October 19, 2008

Deadlifts, Warm ups, Foam Rolls...and Da Chargers..

Nice little circuit of great exercises this morning on Chris Lopez’s 20 minute fitandbusydad’s workout routine. I love this workout. Thinking I was going to be short on time as I didn’t get to my work gym til 6 am – I got it out of the way in less than 30 minutes with my own little ab circuit that I did immediately after. It was fun…and as long as I’m having fun – that’s all that matters. Just like dancing for some – this is a good healthy hobby!

Tomorrow’s a barbell complex routine! Yahoo!! I love circuits…especially circuits that are fast and efficient - much like this complex coming up tomorrow.

On the nutrition side, it’s been pretty maintenance calories. No real desire to lose any more weight (unless it’s body fat of course) by the end of this year but I do want to work on some lean mass (not even trying to bulk up either), some strength work and just maintain my weight throughout the end of the year as best as possible and then start on a lean out again next January. Still - no excuses for eating sloppy either even if it is the Fall with the Holiday season just around the corner too. Can't let that be an excuse to slip on the nutrition.

Still can’t express the importance of warm ups. I remember many years ago - I would walk right into a routine cold turkey...hey, I was young had all the testosterone a young man can handle. Now at my 30's, before each and every routine, you got to do some warm ups – dynamic, static, whatever – just do em. After what I’ve seen with my own eyes a warm up just can’t be overlooked . Even since I started hitting the volleyball courts once again a few months ago – I won't play without a proper warm up playing or exercising. If I want to continue doing this for sometime…can’t skip a warm up regardless. But I did goof up yesterday when I did a challenge…as soon as I got up that morning, I started doing the routine (thinking oh yeah - bw exercises) and I just didn’t feel the muscles “awake” enough to really make a splash.

End of the week but still – I’m making it a point to warm up everytime I exercise each morning...everytime.

Another great addition is the foam rolling…I absolutely love this simple yet very efficient 18” piece of industrial foam for muscle alignment and massage. It works your back, legs, glutes and helps with flexibility and tightness around the legs.

Something I noticed during the deadlifts today - even with any workout...I noticed how much difference it makes just progressively adding a 5lb or 10 lb plate can really make a difference psychologically in a routine. It may look kind of weird but it weighs just the same. People like to think their strong when they see 2 45 lbs's on each side of a barbell - only to mess up their backs on the very 1st set! They may be smaller but you add up those numbers we're talking a progressive 35 pound olympic plate on one side when you think about it but mentally you feel it's actually lighter! Look the part when you go heavy but throw the ego out the door buddy and train safe.

Stop the presses!! Another Chargers's off to London for the Lightning Bolts. Rivers vs Brees - can't wait for this one.

Have a great week!

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