Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Kettlebell Workout!

A full day's rest yesterday and some was another bad day of indulgences but still managed to get a pretty good workout in before leaving with the family to the pumpkin station earlier this evening which was pretty fun for all of us. Diet hasn't been quite there all week but I'm still getting in my workouts in regardless. Yesterday was really tough to do anything as my glutes were sorer than they've ever been in sometime.

So today's workout I decided to do a Kettlebell complex. It consisted of 7 different exercises, 6 reps each for 4 circuits total - all done without putting down the KB...just continuous movements one after the other with no rest. After each circuit was complete, I did 1 minute of heavy bag punching and an ab circuit in the end. Felt really good and only lasted less than 25 minutes and it was off to the showers...

Here's the actual workout using a 35 lb KB for the complex (4 circuits):
a) 1 hand Swings
b) High Pulls
c) Front Squat
d) Clean and press
e) KB bent over row
f) Reverse Lunge
g) 1 minute heavy bag punching

Ab circuit (1 circuit)
SB jacknives x 20
SB crunches with 10 lbs plate x 20
Cross body mountain climbers with hands on SB x 20

Felt really good. Did all of this on bare feet on a nice soft carpet at home. Shirt was drenched at the end of this and was huffing and puffing like crazy. Stretched out afterwards and hit the showers.

Was reading up on another fitness magazine I subscribe to and caught another interesting quote and here's what he said:
"I schedule exercise as though it's a meeting and treat it the same way."

Just another day in the "office"....

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