Friday, November 7, 2008

The Fast Twitch Experiment...

Been a great week of workouts...back into a great TT program once again which I'm happy about. Just finished week 1 and intend on a circuit tomorrow morning.

I know it all bottoms down to tempos but there is something I found really useful in my workouts overtime which is focusing more on the muscles involved (I guess it's called "neuronal activity") I read somewhere that this works because of the increased mental energy we have while we workout actually boosts the flow of electrical impulses to the muscle, generating increased muscular tension. Keeping it fresh with high tempo movements while trying to recruit as much fast twitch muscles sounds logical here.

Sometimes the tendency is to be too involved with just going through a motion of an exercise without even thinking of the actual muscle being worked and focusing on that muscle. I think mentally it does make a big difference here. Explosiveness...quick movements at certain points of a lift...even in an abs's those fast speed mountain climbers or explosive one arm db presses for example. Think fast twitch! A little bit of a functional strength approach with a little bit of bodybuilding in there as well sounds like a good combination.

I read somehere that activating fast-twitch motor units is the key to improved strength, speed and power. Unlike slow-twitch motor units, which are responsible for most of our day-to-day muscular activity, it's those fast twitch units I learned that are quite lazy and tend to slumber until called to action...that's why I always try to keep training intense enough yet still capable enough to triggering this effect.

A fellow tt'er created some pretty nice ab circuits and what I noticed was the focus on tempo as being a big factor for this individual. My personal friend I go to the gym with and I were entertaining the thought for many times too that the more explosive the better..and I think it's true.

Did some of this with Rosstraining right before summertime...but now I really want to delve into it a little more...mixing up my current tt program with some extras...

It's those fast twitch muscle fibers that I want to target. Sprinters need fast twitch muscles and alot of other athletes do as well in their respective sport. Their physiques definitely speak for themselves...and their explosiveness and power on the field or court shows!

I don't know why I posted's just food for thought that I want to read more on and learn about is all...

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