Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Week in Review Part 2

Great workout week this week. Not like it was unlike any other week for me, but I was able to start my week on Sunday so I was able to finish all my required workouts by Thursday, allowing me to play with a little more other training approaches of sorts which was cool by the end of the week and share some observations of this past week.

A few things I noted this week from a personal perspective:

1) As with anything in life, never limit to yourself to what you see or have or feel at the current time. Always look at the potential benefits and not solely on what you see with your own eyes or past experiences. Get creative, go out there and do it. Always see things half full and never half empty... keep that positive attitude about things and you will always find a will to get through things you may think are hindrances to what we really want to accomplish in life.

2) We all have the ability to keep going even when we face challenges in our lives - again, basically it comes down to your attitude. At one point in recent weeks...I thought I was never going to be able to get my workouts in with some recent babysitting issues since me and my wife have full time jobs. Fortunately it was as smooth a transition as I previously had thought! Still managing to get my workouts in and so far it's been going smooth for us which is good. Most of my early morning workouts were null these recent weeks. BUT I STILL DO THEM! And that's what surprises me when I hear people say they have no time to exercise. I've been down that rode before (many, many, many times) and it's always been easy to come up with an excuse. But now, that perspective has changed somewhat over the years and find it hard to believe no one has 30 minutes of their time to exercise regardless of a busy lifestyle. We all have a busy lifestyle in our own right. EVERYBODY IN THIS WORLD OTHER THAN CHILDREN DOES! So to say we can't workout because we don't have time...that's really hard for me to put into play here now. If we can find the time to make an excuse (unless you're injured), we definitely have the time to manage to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. It may not have been the norm for me in recent weeks but the mentality should never falter to excuses not to exercise. Especially around this time of year.

Have a great Sunday...



Roundballnz said...

Too True !!! "not having time" can be better translated as "I don't make it a priority" which is more honest/harsh & not something many want to hear.

Andy said...

Exactly, Alex...what i do see is alot of motivation starting off which is good. But you have to keep going...keep re-inventing yourself and try new things. It doesn't get any staler than just going through the motions and eventually hanging it up because we're bored and just can't keep things in perspective. I think that's why alot of us stop. But you got to find that motivation in yourself to continue and keep pushing the ticket.

STBF said...

I think Cesium/Abby made a point that once you make working out a habit, it (health) starts to take care of itself.

For me it's difficult to imagine not working out. I look forward to my sweat sessions every morning. I love the fact that my gym is open on Thanksgiving morning. And I love the fact that I will be there knocking out Day 4 of my current workout.

Everyone is motivated towards a cause that suits their needs. My need is to drop some fat and rip some abs and I don't have any excuses to fail. With this stuff, part of the equation is accountability....gotta be accountable to ourselves and look at the reflection in the mirror.

Nice post!

Andy said...

Well said, Smoke! Very well said!