Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday Morning Park Session

Glutes, quads and hams really tight this morning as expected...

There’s a park right where I take my kids to their tiny tots school on Tuesday’s called Veteran’s Park. It’s a 1 acre park and recreation center (I play volleyball there on Monday nights) in our suburb that is just totally awesome and only 3 minutes away from our house. So after a good family breakfast, we got the kids ready for school, dropped them off, went to the local pharmacy down the street for my little one (who’s got a cold going on) and it was off to today’s workout.........at the park.

Time: 0930

At the starting/ending point of the hill, there were 4 things all within the proximity of one anoter that I made use of:
A picnic table bench those cement ones we see at parks (approximately 2 feet high)
Side rails on a slope walk way
A decline slope walk way
A retaining wall (approximately 16 inches) right next to the decline slope.

4 circuits:
Work: 100 yard up hill sprint (roughly 33-35 seconds to get up the hill. Hard.)
Active rest: slow jog down the hill first 2 cycles, fast walk last 2 cycles
Jumps on bench x 10 reps
Off set “walking” push ups on a decline slope x 10 reps/side
Inverted rows on the side rails x 10
One leg squats on retaining wall x 8/leg
Repeat 3 more times for 4 total circuits.

Post work out streeeeeeeetching to finish it off. Felt good.

Total time to complete: 28 minutes.

Notes: Needed to get the legs loosened up after a very nice leg routine which gave me a good soreness this morning on waking up. I did not get the opportunity to do any volleyball last night so I made up for it with a jump exercise in today’s circuit.

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