Monday, November 3, 2008

A New Book....

There's a new book out's called "Just Say No to Cardio" by Craig Ballantyne. I personally give it a 2 thumbs up and if you get a chance check out his book at Definitely a book to keep in handy when you think about other programs that just are merely imitations of a pretty tried and tested approach to fat loss in Turbulence Training. Check it out!

Onto other things...just tried a brand new TT workout program this morning and it was a pretty cool routine for day 1. Modifying it a bit to suit my own needs with a bit of my own stuff but otherwise really good.

Just got back from volleyball tonight and I will say it was a pretty dry, unexciting game. 5 kills..whoopee. I think I was the only player out there that was twice their age...but the kids got some game that's for sure (except for this boy/girl smoochie thing going on during side outs that was pretty annoying for the most part). The best thing about it is, you play smart - you won't look foolish on the court. These guys were hitting balls that just didn't look right and balls were floating all over the place or hitting the net. Don't get me wrong...they have some skills - but they just can't play the game I remember how it's played - with your head. It's a very technical game with alot of timing involved with the approach, the serve, defense...I mean, these guys may be really agile and all that but they have no court savvy whatsoever...they'll learn that it's not all physical in sports.

So much testosterone in these young guys and gals it takes me waaaay back...Man I remember those years!!! Had my eldest twin son (who's only 28 minutes older than his twin brother) and he was just the nicest kid. He literally just sat on the bench and cheered daddy on the whole time (note: he had no clue what this young couple was doing - thank God!). Even these teenage girls were so impressed they wanted to take him home with was so freaking funny. After the game, we both dropped by the local convenient store and bought him some bubble gum and it was back home for us. Just to be able to share something with one of my sons tonight was a special moment for both of us. Having twins is pretty tough because your attention to each one is really split. Luckily his other brothers were konked out so I took him along for the ride. He still calls volleyball "ballyvolley" for some reason. He'll figure it out soon enough...hopefully he'll be playing it one day just like daddy too!

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JuJu said...

Beautiful words about hanging out with your son. They grow up so quickly, time goes by so fast... you have to enjoy every single moment with them, thats for sure!
And most importantly, they will follow your example as a father! good on ya!