Monday, November 24, 2008

Off Day today...

No workouts scheduled today...had a pretty good time at the TTForums seeing everybody's fantastic transformations. Very inspiring indeed. Very motivational too!!!

Since it was an off day from training..I also had a great time at a local sports bar for a few drinks with some coworkers after work. Since we carpooled today and it was a late day today, we managed to hit a bar for a drink (note: just a drink!) while watching the Saints carve up the Packers tonight on MNF before heading home - all in our scrubs!!! It was kind of weird being a Monday and all but it was pretty cool as we were talking about the upcoming Holidays and other things family.

The great thing about San Diego is that it isn't too cold down this part of the world otherwise we'd be drinking up all night just to keep warm!!! We each had a beer and each had a small platter to indulge in and we were off on our way home.

Brees just tore it up tonight...another former Charger player making dividends with their new found teams. Great. ATL and Michael the Burner Turner next week.....=(

Heading into the holidays shouldn't be a reason to get sloppy with the nutrtition. That has been my mindset going into the holidays for 2 plus years now. Rest assured it hasn't been bad at all fortunately but I still got some goals in mind that I still intend to work on heading down the end of the year. Feel really good so far to this date which is very re-assuring that it's been a great year on a personal fitness standpoint.


STBF said...

Just thought I'd let you know where the "Nutbag" came from.

RobB and I would do some sort of circuit training on the light days. Seems that after a few times going back and forth with more evil innovations and changes, we started calling these workouts the "Nutbag Lightday Workouts". There is also the NBA...Nut Bag Academy, which sanctions any workouts to be deemed nutbag worthy.

ps. stay on target through the holidays, I know it can be tough.

Andy said...

Ahhh..thus the NUTBAG workouts come into play. I see now.

I was kind of wondering why RobB would always seem to call some of my workouts kind of "nutbaggy"...then Juju would make comments of my workouts as well (crazy, nuts, insane...).

Then I realized when I think it was you or Rob that made a challenge recently that was called the NUTBAG Challenge or something. I looked at it and I was like omg..that has to be insane!!!! I seriously had to step back from that one! No way in hell!! hahaha!!!