Sunday, November 16, 2008

Week in Review....hahahahha!!!!

Awww man...been MIA (missing in action) here but it's nice to be posting in my blog once again on a Sunday Morning after a few days of absence. Been a pretty busy week last week. We have a few babysitting issues to iron out but it's working out fine to a tee now.

The great thing about this? I still manage to get my workouts in regardless. NO MORE EXCUSES!!! They may not have been early in the morning like I'm so used to doing but I'm cranking them out which is good.

After some "ear pulling" from a good friend, I'm still on track here which is good. And I'm feeling good overall with this month's TT program I'm on right now.

My work gym is my solace. I need to take a picture of it one day on my digital camera to share here. It's perfect in a sense because it's just right there and is so accessible. Have not been to my commercial gym much as of late because the work gym just works perfectly for me with my schedule...and on off days I have the home gym.

Did my workout today right before work. It was empty and ready for the task at hand. It was a pretty rockin workout! Pretty satisfied indeed.

One thing I noticed as well with my workouts as of late I'm not as strong but still whipping it out though. I was not intending to lose weight but I've lost 4.8 lbs since I started this program which is ideal since it is a fat loss program. Also, being able to mix up some intervals and add a few extra ab circuits this entire last week was a good thing too. I think change ups are good to avoid monotony. Maybe some cardio BW cardio circuits will be there for me next week. We'll surely see. =)

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