Sunday, April 27, 2008

Abs Update for April 20-26

Great workouts this weekend...did some great circuits with some core strengthening workouts which was good. Highlight of the weekend was a family bike ride we did under 81 degrees of heat. Biggest challenge here was with the elements (it was super hot today. Hydration was important! Luckily we packed a few nice iced water bottles with us! Whew!). Topped off our Sunday with a nice lunch and a movie that afternoon...The Forbidden Kingdom is one helluva movie which I strongly recommend! A+ across the board! Wife and I love Jackie Chan movies and were surprised our 3 year olds (who we took with us for the ride) loved it too!!! Nice to see them pay tribute to the great one, the Divine Wind - Mr Bruce Lee in a subtle "little" way. I also like the little mention of water and the cup analogies, almost similar to the one I mentioned here in my blog a few days ago!!!! Great movie!

Here's a progress pic of my abs for the week of April 20-26. Gettin' there!!!


Juan said...

Hey bro, it took me a minute to get to commenting on your blog but I am finally getting to it. You are looking great man keep it up. I've been wondering about the Forbidden Kingdom glad to hear it is an awesome movie. Going to have to go check it out.

Plus I love what you had quoted about "Be like water."

Keep up the great work man. I will be keeping in touch for sure man.

This is the link to my blog, which like I had mentioned before I need to work on a bit.

Catch up with you soon man.

Andy said...

Hi Bro...thanks for dropping by and great going on your blog!!! Will be visiting more often here on out.

Yes, the water analogy was really awesome!

Thanks, know I will. said...

Niiiiice abs!