Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's been a while...

I was in awe to see a 5 year old do his thing on youtube with my last check out MBodyStrength's Marcus Martinez here in the video above. Now he's definitely a beast! I've seen this video before and was awe stricken how he was able to clean 70 kg KB a few times. Now that's insane.

Now to your regular programming...:P

I know its been awhile since I made a good quality blogpost. Took a hiatus literally from blogging consistently. Been pretty hectic these past few months with alot of other things going on - so I'm back at it again here with a bit of a renewed focus (hopefully). I still may not be consistent with my blog...but I hope to be blogging a bit more here on out.

Few things I realized over the time I've been gone:

- Weekday Evenings are well spent with our kids nowadays more than ever. Hardly see my twins during the day with them in school now, so we make every effort to make more time for them during the afternoon and evenings during the week (not that we haven't - we just want to be more of a presence for them especially with school. Very important especially in the formulative years that they're in right now). So volleyball days will be set aside for now. It's all good. Family will always be my priority.

- I can still workout anytime of the day. But morning workouts are still ideal for me. Always will be.

- I can still manage workouts with an even busier lifestyle nowadays as a working husband with kids in school and a 2 year old at home. These boys are our pride and joy.

- I control what I do to my body.

- I need to set more concrete goals again.

There's so many changes that have occured over the last few months that have really resulted in inconsistencies on my part from nutrition, exercise...we're only humans. But hey, it's all good...adapting is one of things in life that will always be something we go through. Adapting will never cease - as change is always a part of life - so we have to adapt. That will never end, so why find excuses.

With every obstacle that may be in your way, find answers and you will find results.

Now go do your thing. ;)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Check this kid out

Amazing strength for a 5 year old? Hell yeah. Wow!

But I'd be calling child protective services asap if Romania ever had such laws over there.

Seems like he's training to be a gymnast. I understand children from countries like Romania and China start em young but that's just way too much of a beating for a 5 year old body to endure at such a young age where bones and muscles are still developing. I see my 2 year old and I'm so amazed with how much flexibility he has. He can stand up from a seated position to his feet without using his hands. Whoohoo.

But who am I to say anything bad about the young boy. That's amazing.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Free Weights vs Machines

One thing I really don't understand is this new piece of useless equipement we just got at our work gym. A Powertec Workstation. Starting off I can see how someone would go ga-ga-goo-goo over this gizmo - but I really don't see the benefit of an exercise contraption such as this gizmo has to offer, unless you're seriously into bodybuilding.

I honestly don't see the benefits especially when you use the more functional goal approach to training.

Two things I've learned that you can't go wrong with and can take to the bank with regards to training equipment:

1) Going gymless and using your own body weight. This is THE ultimate free weight that's out there for us to use that requires NO EQUIPMENT. There isn't anything like Bodyweight Exercises like pull ups, bodyweight squats, push ups, mountain climbers and the classic variation of burpees.

2) Free Weights - the Olympic Bar, the Dumbell, Medicine Balls and Kettlebells - anything that requires you to the three planes of motion as well as usage of the core. You can work for power, explosiveness, functional strength and core all with these essential must haves. People downplay functional strength; don't know why. I like the ability to need to stabilize and control the barbell, Kettlebell or Dumbell in all three planes of motion - in certain exercises - it's just like what an athlete needs to instill in his training approaches to be effective on the playing field.

There's nothing that allows you to "freely move" on the 3 planes of motion (Sagittal, Transverse, Coronal) like those pieces of equipment mentioned can. Again, unless you're into body building where machines are great for isolation exercises and to focus on certain muscle fibers for growth - machines aren't a bad thing all together.

Not canning machines but I think a majority of my co workers don't see the benefits of actual free weight and bodyweight - not assuming here or trying to prove a point to anyone that free weight rules the earth - but the reality is just that - you don't need to go fancy with workouts. The basics always works. I'm not a fitness expert...I don't get paid to do that, but knowing what works and what doesn't really makes a big difference.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Off Day Circuit Routine

So I got up early this morning...felt really sore from my chest to my glutes. Needed to do something this morning while still staying at home watching the kids. So I went back to an off day circuit routine of Martin Rooney a contributor to Men's Health Magazine. So I did my own version of Martin Rooney's Hurricane Workout which you can read up here at this link: Martin Rooney's Hurricane Workouts.

So after a warm up my circuit went like this for 3 full rounds, 60 secs per exercise:

a) Heavy Bag punch kick combo's (really hitting the bag hard for 60 full seconds)
b) 2 handed 20 lb KB swings (added)
c) Alternating step ups on chair
d) Blast strap inverted rows at a standing 45 degree angle (controlled)
e) 12 lb Med ball slams (med ball pikes are hard to do for 60 seconds. It's not like the med ball slams were easy either though)
f) Burpees with jump (really spent at this point)

Finishing moves for fun:
Turkish Get ups with 20 lb KB- 5/side
12 lb Med Ball torso twists - 30 reps/side

That was it. TT strength workout tomorrow...