Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Deadlifts and Nike Free's!


Got me some new pairs of Nike Frees I ordered at the Nike Store which is just a few minutes away from Qualcomm Stadium (btw, the Chargers are going to the Playoffs!! The Chargers are going to the Playoffs!!! Whoooooooohoooo!!!)...

Sorry...back to the shoes. =)

Unfortunately they were out of stock at the store but was able to order them online at the store site and got them for dirt cheap with free delivery to boot! They're called Nike Free Dynamic SL Tr Men’s Training Shoe. It's black with all synthetic leather. Alot different from the one I have currently as it has a meshed front so the feet are more free to move around. With the synthetic leather, it may take some time to get them broken in...but they are flat as hell. Online and store prices would be $85.00, but I got them at a discounted price of $50!!!! Can't beat that and I know they are great shoes. Should be arriving in less than a week. Whoooo!!!!!

After a little my time at the Nike Store, it was off to the gym to do some strength work on the Deadlifts and some shrug work. Was not intending to lift anything the next 2 weeks...but I couldn't resist. Hit another personal best at this exercise deadlifting 325 lbs at 1 rep. Finished it off with some rowing intervals and a 1 mile run to end it out.

Less than 48 hours to the New Year! Time flew by pretty fast! Whew!

Keep finding the motivation in you,


Monday, December 29, 2008

Week in Review: Looking back at 2008..looking forward to 2009 and Beyond!

Can definitely feel the holiday fever slowly fading and the anticipation of the new year that lies ahead. Been off the blog for a good number of days...but with good reason: you have to give things a break and really take this time to look back at the year that "was" and the year that "will be".

Hope that made sense...

So I took some time to work on a retrospective essay of my entire year as well as some goals I've made for myself (as general as the goals were). Again, looking back at things good and things bad...things I've done and things I could have done better. Be it a better parent, husband, person, coworker, friend...whatever it was - I looked back at everything at all possible angles as best I could and wrote it down on paper. Reading it several times, I decided to see what I could have done to correct the wrongs or improve on the rights...

So in the process, I established my own personal goals that I also wrote down on paper, printed it out and put in my wallet for easy referrance.

Nurture the things you hold dear and close to your heart. Bottomline. Whether you have to do some sacrifices to do so: do it. Be it a workout, your health, your kids, your family, your friends - do the best you can to take care of those things and people you hold dear. Maintain that balance in your life and everything should fall into place.

Figure that out and that's what should drive you to do better everytime - in anything you do.

Finished another great TT program and did a challenge today to finish out the program. Man, what a great year of awesome workouts for 2008 - with a very good time I might add. Again, very proud of the time indeed. My whole focus this entire month was to get it done in 10 minutes. The challenge was completed in 7 minutes and 14 seconds. 7 minutes and 14 seconds....can I say the feeling was orgasmic again in here? =)

I love to exercise...I love to workout...I nurture it the best way I can inspite of the hecticness of "REAL LIFE"...but always with the mindset to "nurture" it the best way I can.

Nurture those things you hold dear and you'll even surprise yourself with the end results.

And what a way to end the year for sure.

Here's to 2009!!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Week In Review...take 3?

Week in Review

This may in fact be my 3rd "Week In Review" I believe since I started blogging...boy, I haven’t been doing a lot of week in reviews as consistently as I would have wanted starting it a few weeks back. Missed a few weeks with the holidays, gatherings/get togethers and all... but its time for another one of those Week In Reviews here once again:

#1 The “just get er done” attitude:

Although it’s been pretty consistent throughout the week as far as getting them done regardless of hecticness of life these days, the “just get er done” attitude has really helped me through some crunched times as of late. Home workouts and Work gyms have been the norm...But I want to re-establish a common time once again with my workouts as best as possible, come the new year that lies ahead. All this changing of times has been really tough. I want to go back to the commercial gym more often starting next year...so my schedules may still continue to change up here and there...oh well.

Just get er done!!! =)

#2 Strength work:

Would be nice to incorporate a strength exercise once a week. Squats or Deadlifts primarily. Squatted for 300 lbs last week which I’m very proud of. Just get that bad boy up there Baby!!! Whooooooo!!!!!

“Light weeeeeeeeeiggght, babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!”


#3 Fat loss and Nutrition:

For most of us it is very easy to get in some workout clothes and start exercising our butts off...but it’s always going to bottom down to nutrition no matter what. Do as much crazy stuff as we want, but if you’re not going to eat right...it sure ain’t gonna “look right” either!!!

#4 Introducing new approaches:

I believe in learning new things and trying new things out. Some exercises just don’t feel right so I sub them. Some things maybe essentially nutbag stuff..but I learn from those, too just the same.

Damn...Yoga...what a great find! I’ve seen it, I’ve read up on it and I’ve finally really gave it a try even for just a warm up. As sissy some may think of it: it’s not that easy!!! And it’s indeed great for body flexibility or simply to correct some tight muscles that may need more attention than we think. Not easy at is seems this Yoga stuff! I thought foam rolls were it...but Yoga: whew! From Sun Salutations, Moon Salutations...to all the different possible poses...this is just another great one to incorporate in my weekly fitness routines....

#5 The “Comments” at the workplace:

Again...people still can’t believe how much weight I’ve lost in 2 years time. I’ve been told some weird things like:
“You already look great, but how much more do you need to lose?”
“Andy...why’d you want to lose all that weight?”
“Cmon, Andy...it’s just a burrito. Is that going to kill you?”
“Andy..it’s time to bulk up!!” (Heard that a few times in the past!)
The list goes on and on...while some “positive” with some subltety (like those above), most are just purely supportive which is cool. But I don’t let those subtle ones affect me one bit. I don’t know what it is that make people ask questions like that....and I honestly don’t think I’ve lost that much weight in the last month or so but I think a lot of people have noticed the physique change is all...and in the long run...I think I know very well as to the what’s and why’s now as to why I continue on with this journey....it’s for me and my own health PERIOD. My body has given me the opportunity to provide for my family, hang out with friends more with some sense of confidence, given me an opportunity to come in terms with some realities with a different perspective and it’s been nothing but positive vibes all around...but it all starts from within.

In closing....

It’s been a great year...and even a better year coming. Entering the last week of my last TT program for 2k8...and I'm going to enjoy these holidays with family and friends with some good eats (will be careful not to over indulge for sure) and all the other festive times shared around this time of the year and then will definitely be taking a break from the weights with some BW stuff (and some KB’s!) which I intend on doing the weeks after...and re-focus for the new year coming. Can't wait!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

300 lbs on the Parallel Squat!

Can I say "orgasmic" was the feeling this morning?

I thought I'd never get to 300 lbs this year...ever. I don't work for strength much but when I do...like Jason Ferrugia would say go ahead man, have a "Strong Man Day"...

He's right...we got to have em...man, and this was one of those days for me.

I was running late for my TT workout...early morning...there was rain...there were car slides all over the place...plus a walk to work in the rain and all...so I was thinking: what am I going to do now?! So I said what the heck...with the time I had on my hands I decided to work on some strength on the squats and boy I sure surprised myself this morning.

Very, very gratifying indeed.

A very climactic moment for me ending this year. 300 freakin' lbs!!! 2 good hard reps to boot! I've never done that ever. I'm so glad I even attempted it...looking back, I may have regretted not doing it if I were to look back at this workout. Un- freakin'-believable.

I racked that bad boy back on the squat rack and I was literally ecstatic!

One for my own personal record books!!!


300 seems like a lucky number as I am doing a 300 challenge at the end of this TT program...hope I can finish that challenge with a bang as well...so we'll see!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Who cannot remember LL Cool J...this guy is a rapping icon. For him to be in the rapping business for this long and still look even more ripped at his age (40 years young) and still look like he's in his early 20's...whew! Talk about keeping it consistent for so long...

I like songs of all genres...rap included. I remember this old school rap song that to this day is probably one of the best workout songs ever played on my ipod! Momma said knock you out!!! Hahahaha!!! Check it out!

Great video! Brings back big time memories!!!

On the fitness side...time on my hands today, I went and did a good 10 minutes of yoga this afternoon on top of my TT workout this morning (I know...from rap to yoga...what's with this nutbag!). Anyway, this was only a warm up part of the program and I was pretty impressed. I already got sweaty just going through the motions of a Yoga CD I got a few weeks ago. Breathing technique and flexibility is a requirement...even if you don't have that good flexibility - YOGA will at least get you some considerable flexibility at least.

Hey, if I want to aspire to be like LL one day...why not put a little Yoga in my routines! Seriously! It's very beneficial for longevity in this fitness journey as I'm finding out more and more what yoga is all about.

Ok time to be LL and take out the garbage...


Monday, December 15, 2008

A Nutbag? Probably...but this guy is simply amazing.

Yep...I'm a youtuber. I love youtube. Im constantly on that site trying to find that edge to get myself going on a day to day basis when I can't just find it in me to do so. And believe me...finding motivation is the toughest challenge to take head on on a personal fitness standpoint.

I just had a kick out of watching a guy named Frank Wall and his great videos just now. Although the video was posted more than a year ago, it seemed like he just got a pretty good Christmas gift in the form of a video camera and made the most of it so that he can share that great "gift" of his to the world. =)

Not many would do something nutbaggy like that and put some of that stuff on video...yet, he did with the best of intentions. Cool dude.

His videos may appear like he's a Nutbag himself...but they are utterly inspiring and very motivating to watch and witness. If you watch him and listen to what he wants to put across to his viewers you'll believe every word I just said about the guy. The guy is from Atlanta, Ga...so he does have a very warm Southern heart and means well with his words. Very humble but highly motivating and he's just a normal guy like most of us which makes it even more easier to connect with the guy.

Watch and listen! He will motivate you...

He also has one helluva sense of humor about it all...He obviously loves life and lives it to the fullest. I wouldn't mind working out with this guy everyday...that's for sure!

"Commitment, Persistance, Dedication, Motivation...the power's within you." Listen to his introduction video about his thoughts about fitness, health and a little bit of his own personal background. Man just his plain DESIRE to want to help anybody who wants to make a change is so admirable. Sounds alot like my workout buddy not too long ago...

Listen and of course watch his video below. It's very candid but great stuff! Pssst...and he loves BW workouts at the park! YES!!!!!

And yes, they can be done at the beach too.

Here's another video of him with a 20 lb vest on doing a playground circuit...sprinting to a park with a video camera in one hand! He squats a bench believe it or not. He even curls it for bicep work...nutbag!!! Phew!!! hahahahahah!!!! Hey, at least he doesn't limit himself at all...he's very imaginative. And you have to be to want to keep pushing along here...never set yourself in your ways or get comfortable with anything in exercise! Push it to the limits baby!! Get creative with it!

This guys has sooooo MUCH ENERGY...you'll feel it with this video:

I hope he realizes how he's motivated me just by watching his videos alone...awesome stuff Frank!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Leave Your Old Self Behind.....

"No more mind blocks, no more shame... freedom from the body... it's a great achievement!"

Wow...very nicely said.

A quote from a very close friend of mine I came in contact with yesterday had mentioned this to me that it made sooooo much sense, it inspired me to make a blogpost about it. Those words hit it right on the head for me in terms of how I look at things at a different light nowadays. Words ever so true looking back at my year and my own personal journey closing out this 2K8 and looking at others much like I who have gone through hell and back and really outdid themselves on a fitness standpoint regardless of how hectic life can be. Those guys and gals are my inspiration...

But the motivation is still and always will be found in me.

I looked up a great video on youtube...and it was another great Nike Ad commercial, about my favorite training shoes: the Nike Free's. I have a pair of my own, but plan on investing in some new pairs shortly.

If this video doesn't motivate you to keep going on: I don't know what will honestly.

It's about a guy, running a trail in the middle of nowhere and then stops to take a breather and was about to say: "Screw this...I've had enough! I'm done." At first glance, I was thinking...who the hell is he talking to?! Hahah! But listen closely to the dialogue...it's him talking to him. You want motivation: find it in yourself to carry on every damn day of your life.

No outside influences or motivators should make you want to make a change for the better...allow this to happen then you're doing it for all the wrong reasons...do if for a better you...a healthier lifestyle....a healthier life...but it should always start with yourself, coming into terms with your "inner you" and making that decision to keep it going....

Again, we owe that much to our bodies...think about that for just one second.

Leave Your Old Self Behind...... Don't let your old self hold you down. Ever.

Here's the video:

We're "done"????


"I am DONE with you."

Friday, December 12, 2008

Workout Playlists...

Don't have much to blog today so I'll share a song I have on my ipod. I have tons of songs on my ipod when I workout...literally tons (but who doesn't!). Just got a great one last night that I used for todays workout...will post a few in the future for sure to share. Here's one song I particularly get a mental boost from everytime I play it. It's a youtube video of a guy doing the drums simultaneously with a great song by Chevelle called "An Evening With Diablo". It's awesome because the drums and bass are just so rivetting you just want to keep on going with your workout routines. I pump up the volume on my playlists all the time. The beginning of the song is a great mental booster...gets me psyched up all the time. The 4 minute mark to the end is just killer, too!!!

Here it is:

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Again...Strength always starts at the Core!

Another great TT workout today..but I wanted to give my thoughts about strength.

As a starter in this exercise journey, I always thought strength always meant huge defined muscles...something you would see in movies like the Terminator or a few Wrestlers on TV. I’ve realized that just aint it. Strength is NOT defined by how huge your muscles are overall or how defined your biceps look in a camera shoot.

I’m realizing more and more that strength starts with the core...strength always and should start with the core. Poor core, strength ultimately suffers...and so does unwanted injury as well. And strength doesn't always apply with a visual 6 pack either (I say this because power lifters don't sport nice cores but strong just the same. But a nice set of abs really shows a good sense of how strong your core is for sure).

Saw a very, very inspiring, motivational youtube video of a friend doing dips and chin ups yesterday. Nothing cute about it all...and I'm not being biased because she's a girl but she just cranked them out like a walk in the park. Literally. She lost a lot of weight and developed an awesome physique with some great Turbulence Training programs but to see her doing routines like that are insanely impressive. True test of strength with the chin ups and dips for sure. But I also noticed is she would never neglect her core exercises on a routine basis...and she only shows how effective core training is important in any exercise program.

Leave the core out of the equation...that spells disaster!

Simply look at gymnasts and how strong and lean they are yet can go for hours and hours at a time with their training. Boxers and MMA fighters are another perfect example. They just are far more superior in strength than the Jay Cutlers of the world. That’s for sure!

In the sport of volleyball....being able to jump high and swing at a ball through blockers is strength, too. But they too have strong cores as well.

Swimmers...all they do is swim...but they have awesome lats and shoulder muscles and a very thin waist and an awesome core (Dara Torres anyone?)....but their strength is functional and not to look like the next cover model for Muscle and Fitness magazines..I dare to put any of those guys in the mags in a pool and swim a few laps like swimmers do. Can all that muscle keep these guys afloat to begin with???

Again...volleyball players don’t have the best physiques but have incredible leaping ability and upper and lower body strength and awesome coordination. To change lateral and forward movements indicates a strong core too. Too be able to swing the hands back for a full volleyball spike - that’s strength! I see a lot of beach players and indoor players not yoked up at all but definitely fast, mobile and strong.

Training like an athlete trains is probably the best way to approach exercise. Functional strength...again the ability to improve on a swing in volleyball, jump to make a dunk, improve on a batswing for home runs...those are measurable acts of strength for sure. But you got to develop the core first and foremost. Have to develop the core!!! Doesn’t mean a 6 pack but routinely doing core specific workouts in training is definitely a must.

Here’s a guy I admire as well. Boxer, Conditioning trainer - Ross Enamait. He can deadlift almost 3x his weight Im assuming here. But the thing is: he never deadlifts!!! Again..this exercise works every aspect of your body when done right and he just crushed this routine. Core definitely plays a huge part here and boxers have great cores or they would be heading to the emergency room with a ruptured spleen.

Only look at this guy’s deadlift and do the guesswork when I say strength is not defined by big muscles:

Here’s the video (nice background music by the way!):

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Nutbag Circuit for Today...

Nutbag Circuit Training
Time: 0845
Home Routine

Warm up Circuits x 2:
Jumping jacks 40 reps
Push ups x 4
BW squats x 8

I) 5 rounds with 2 minute rests between circuits:
a) OH Squats using 45 lb BB (5x15)
b)Push Up to Jack Knife Combo (5x12)
c)1 leg RDL’s to swing to overhead snatch 10 lb KB x 8/leg/arm
d) Chin ups (5x5)


II) Tar Heel Med Ball Challenge ONE ROUND with 8 lb med ball (modified)
Big Circles = 20 reps
Wood Choppers = 20 reps
Push Press subbed with “Floor Wipers” = 10 reps total = 45 lbs BB used
Standing Torso twist = 20 reps
Med Ball sit ups = 20 reps
Rocky solos = 20 reps
Med Ball toe Touches = 20 reps
Suitcases = 20 reps (alternating)
45 degree Torso twists = 20 reps
Diagonal crunches = 20 reps

Time: 9'52"

III) 200 KB Swing Intervals:
1. 50 2 hand swings/30 sec rest
2. 25 2 hand swings/30 sec rest
3. 25 2 hand swings/30 sec rest
4. 25 2 hand swings/60 sec rest
5. 25 2 hand swings/60 sec rest
6. 50 2 hand swings/completed

Time:9'17" (whooo! Under 10 minutes here)

Notes: This circuit was nice. Although I did do a quick BB complex last night...this is my TT off training day so to speak so I was thinking long and hard of something to do. Wrote this one on paper this morning to see if the flow of the exercises made any sense (not sure if it did but it felt good though). I was going to add swings in that circuit, but decided to wait on the 200 rep swings in the end. The one leg deadlift to swing to overhead snatch was with a 10 lb KB. Also please note, this exercise was done with absolute 100% focus. No way was I going to want to speed through this one; one leg was up against a 14" stool behind me to keep balance (I’ve seen people do it on one foot with nothing to keep their balance...that’s hardcore!).Your balance, your shins, your glutes, your hammies and your arms will all get worked here for sure.

The med ball circuit was only one round. 8 lb med ball this time. I subbed the push press as I did those yesterday and did some floor wipers in replace for the med ball squat press move - a move I’ve seen done but never really incoporated it in a workout, so I thought of giving it a try. Pretty fun move...abs bracing hard and then moving the legs from one side feet touching one end of the BB plate - to the floor - then to the other side feet touching the other plate...whew! I like that one...but I only did 10 reps with 45 lbs for the barbell load, so again...nothing too extreme here.

On the swings...last week, I was swinging the kb and db’s all the way overhead with each rep. This time the swings were right in front of my face this time...definitely made my times improve significantly at hindsight.

At this point and at my age (I’ll be 35 in January), I really have no intentions of wanting to get massively huge. Improving strength and improving on lean mass is the goal here on out. I want to keep a lean physique, maintain some lean muscle and just keep it at maintenance which TT has given me ever since I started TT in 2007. Anything benefitted from Craig’s TT workouts and my own little experimentation...is simply icing on the cake. But really...there’s just no sense for me to work on gaining mass. Also my nutrition just gets too sloppy when I attempt to go on a “bulk” bodybuilders would call it. So if I do a routine that might look confusing as to why I did a certain move on back to back days or something similar to it...please excuse my nutness. Unless I’m extremely sore from a previous workout, I may do a push press move on back to back days or just not do that workout all together - but for me on some days - I don’t really mind it. Will it hamper muscle development...maybe..but I just like the metabolic effects of circuit training.....

I just like to exercise...PERIOD! =)

I just want to keep on going here and just stay lean as can be really...

Sorry...I just wanted to elaborate more on the workout to avoid any misinterpretations of this workout.

They’re not called Nutbags for anything.... =)

Took a picture of myself this morning for the heck of it. Progress pic? Not really...but I know progress is always needed! Can't get that perfect body but we can always strive for it! =)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Boxing's Greatest Pound for Pound Fighter...EVER.

Manny "Pac Man" Pacquiao...who we like to call "ang Pambansang Kamao" or "The National Fist" truly was out on display last night - IN FULL FORCE.

Pacquiao is by far the best pound for pound fighter in the boxing ring ever to come out from the Philippines - ever. To have 3 titles under his belt from 3 different weight classes is absolutely outstanding. He is the best.

This stat really caught my eye...and it's stunningly amazing. I really wanted to see how in the world can this guy get up 2 weight classes (to the welterweight) and still move the way he did last night. He's amazingly lightning quick. You'd have to youtube him to see what I mean...

The odds were against him last night...he was smaller, shorter arm span...but to top it all off - a much different weight class.

In his official weigh in he was at 142 lbs. But last night, he was at a CUT 147 lbs last night!!! How in the world?!? This whole time while the media hounds were on him like flies for months in his training camp in LA, I really wanted to see what his physique would be like as soon as he took the boxing robe off last night! Oh my gosh..this guy was so yoked out!!! I also was iffy about how how fast he would be after gaining some weight. My friends and I were just jaw dropped...literally.

He's normally hoovering around the 135's to 140's but his uncanny training (the ever famous Freddie Roach is an elite trainer) and nutrition is just totally out of this planet (yes, he eats rice). At 147 lbs and still be able to pack some punches and move like lightning fast speed...Oscar, like many of his past opponents - simply couldn't not handle the Manny's wrath. It was sad to see him bow out of the contest in between rounds...a great fighter in his own right but I think this really was a fight Oscar wanted to do to end his great career fighting the best current boxer to date - win or lose. If I was a fighter...I would to.

Definitely not our conventional way of training for the common and majority of us here in real life but boxing and MMA fighter training is probably one of the best approaches to fat loss...hands down.

But what a fight for Manny last night.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

On the Fitness Front...

Awesome workout this morning that involved Barbell complexes and a BW circuit...

Yesterday was a workout disaster...I was hoping to do the Tar Heel Med ball challenge immediately after my workout (I even brought my 8 lb to work with me!) that morning but was pressed for time and did 2 circuits in 6'29" and 6'21 at home at around 7:45 pm with my 12 lb med ball as I had to dash out of work to get my annual TB testing before 4 pm (a requirement for Nurses and other medical fields alike)...and left my 8 lb med ball in my locker. So as soon as I clocked out, I made a run for it to my car about 6 blocks away (talk about jay walking here!)...great sprint workout nonetheless...hahahaha!

On other fronts fitness...this planned out approach for December is really fun. To be able to plan out the entire month without thinking what to do on my days off from actual workouts makes a big difference as far as having to figure out what I'm going to do the next day...Having a blast with this really as I'm doing all the things I like to do on a fixed schedule. Plus, it sure does prevent procrastination and just the mindset of just doing it really makes it a plus in the most wonderful, but BUSIEST time of the year!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Max Results in Minimal Time

Benefits of circuit training:

"Maximum results in the minimum time". One exercise to the next with no rest periods until the entire circuit is finished. Not easy but it's a great butt kicking approach to fitness for sure.

Nuff said.

It is by far one one of the best methods of exercising as it provides excellent all round fitness, tone and strength.

Did another circuit type training today (something I like to do on my off days from TT) which I made up on my own and maximized it to it's full potential...really worked hard today. Although the entire routine did go over an hour - I felt really good after it was over...did feel like throwing up but that went away rather quickly.

Currently doing a TT program involving a "300" Challenge at the end of 4 weeks. Really working up to that challenge here as the time to beat is 10 minutes.


What I like about circuit training is that your constantly moving from one exercise to the next in short burst like fashion with minimal rest periods in between. It's an incredible way to build endurance and conditioning and a great way to burn body fat too!

But again...it's all about nutrition so that's the challenge this entire month really...

All circuits this month (other than some ab circuits I have planned) in conjunction with my TT program, is to maximize compound movements as best as possible. An aerobic/anaerobic approach with medium to high repetition with some strength work incorporated is the theme here for this month.

Not looking to get muscled out in this routine...just trying to get as lean as possible. This is the type of traiing I like to do most and intend to keep going for as long as I can...

Just to be able to sustain a raised heart rate in minimal amount of time is paramount in circuit training so hopefully I get the best possible results I can by the end of this program and to finish the year.

High goals, yes...but hopefully obtainable! Keyword: Hopefully. =)

Just to get out of my comfort and working my tail off is what it's all about.

Here's the workout:

A) Treadmill Jog (100 meters) = 35 lb Kb Swings (15), Kb Cleans (5/arm), Kb Snatch (5 per arm) x 8 Cycles *


B) Treadmill run 800 meters non stop. Time 4'30"*

* 1 LB ankle weights used here.


200 KB swing challenge
1) 25 KB swings (35 lbs) rest 60 sec
2) 25 KB swings (35 lbs) rest 60 sec
3) 25 KB swings (35 lbs) rest 60 sec
4) 25 KB swings (35 lb) rest 60 sec
* after the 4th set (even midway through the 3rd set, grip was wearing out already.Went lighter weight with 22 lb DB’s, interlacing fingers grip (easier)...
5) 25 DB swings (22 lbs) rest 2 minutes
6) 25 DB swings (22 lbs) rest 2 minutes
7) 25 DB swings (22 lbs) rest 2 minutes
8) 25 DB swings (22 lbs). DONE DEAL!