Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Max Results in Minimal Time

Benefits of circuit training:

"Maximum results in the minimum time". One exercise to the next with no rest periods until the entire circuit is finished. Not easy but it's a great butt kicking approach to fitness for sure.

Nuff said.

It is by far one one of the best methods of exercising as it provides excellent all round fitness, tone and strength.

Did another circuit type training today (something I like to do on my off days from TT) which I made up on my own and maximized it to it's full potential...really worked hard today. Although the entire routine did go over an hour - I felt really good after it was over...did feel like throwing up but that went away rather quickly.

Currently doing a TT program involving a "300" Challenge at the end of 4 weeks. Really working up to that challenge here as the time to beat is 10 minutes.


What I like about circuit training is that your constantly moving from one exercise to the next in short burst like fashion with minimal rest periods in between. It's an incredible way to build endurance and conditioning and a great way to burn body fat too!

But again...it's all about nutrition so that's the challenge this entire month really...

All circuits this month (other than some ab circuits I have planned) in conjunction with my TT program, is to maximize compound movements as best as possible. An aerobic/anaerobic approach with medium to high repetition with some strength work incorporated is the theme here for this month.

Not looking to get muscled out in this routine...just trying to get as lean as possible. This is the type of traiing I like to do most and intend to keep going for as long as I can...

Just to be able to sustain a raised heart rate in minimal amount of time is paramount in circuit training so hopefully I get the best possible results I can by the end of this program and to finish the year.

High goals, yes...but hopefully obtainable! Keyword: Hopefully. =)

Just to get out of my comfort and working my tail off is what it's all about.

Here's the workout:

A) Treadmill Jog (100 meters) = 35 lb Kb Swings (15), Kb Cleans (5/arm), Kb Snatch (5 per arm) x 8 Cycles *


B) Treadmill run 800 meters non stop. Time 4'30"*

* 1 LB ankle weights used here.


200 KB swing challenge
1) 25 KB swings (35 lbs) rest 60 sec
2) 25 KB swings (35 lbs) rest 60 sec
3) 25 KB swings (35 lbs) rest 60 sec
4) 25 KB swings (35 lb) rest 60 sec
* after the 4th set (even midway through the 3rd set, grip was wearing out already.Went lighter weight with 22 lb DB’s, interlacing fingers grip (easier)...
5) 25 DB swings (22 lbs) rest 2 minutes
6) 25 DB swings (22 lbs) rest 2 minutes
7) 25 DB swings (22 lbs) rest 2 minutes
8) 25 DB swings (22 lbs). DONE DEAL!

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