Wednesday, December 17, 2008

300 lbs on the Parallel Squat!

Can I say "orgasmic" was the feeling this morning?

I thought I'd never get to 300 lbs this year...ever. I don't work for strength much but when I Jason Ferrugia would say go ahead man, have a "Strong Man Day"...

He's right...we got to have, and this was one of those days for me.

I was running late for my TT workout...early morning...there was rain...there were car slides all over the a walk to work in the rain and I was thinking: what am I going to do now?! So I said what the heck...with the time I had on my hands I decided to work on some strength on the squats and boy I sure surprised myself this morning.

Very, very gratifying indeed.

A very climactic moment for me ending this year. 300 freakin' lbs!!! 2 good hard reps to boot! I've never done that ever. I'm so glad I even attempted it...looking back, I may have regretted not doing it if I were to look back at this workout. Un- freakin'-believable.

I racked that bad boy back on the squat rack and I was literally ecstatic!

One for my own personal record books!!!


300 seems like a lucky number as I am doing a 300 challenge at the end of this TT program...hope I can finish that challenge with a bang as we'll see!



Roundballnz said...

Dam that's impressive - good work dude

Andy said...

Thanks Alex....