Sunday, December 7, 2008

Boxing's Greatest Pound for Pound Fighter...EVER.

Manny "Pac Man" Pacquiao...who we like to call "ang Pambansang Kamao" or "The National Fist" truly was out on display last night - IN FULL FORCE.

Pacquiao is by far the best pound for pound fighter in the boxing ring ever to come out from the Philippines - ever. To have 3 titles under his belt from 3 different weight classes is absolutely outstanding. He is the best.

This stat really caught my eye...and it's stunningly amazing. I really wanted to see how in the world can this guy get up 2 weight classes (to the welterweight) and still move the way he did last night. He's amazingly lightning quick. You'd have to youtube him to see what I mean...

The odds were against him last night...he was smaller, shorter arm span...but to top it all off - a much different weight class.

In his official weigh in he was at 142 lbs. But last night, he was at a CUT 147 lbs last night!!! How in the world?!? This whole time while the media hounds were on him like flies for months in his training camp in LA, I really wanted to see what his physique would be like as soon as he took the boxing robe off last night! Oh my gosh..this guy was so yoked out!!! I also was iffy about how how fast he would be after gaining some weight. My friends and I were just jaw dropped...literally.

He's normally hoovering around the 135's to 140's but his uncanny training (the ever famous Freddie Roach is an elite trainer) and nutrition is just totally out of this planet (yes, he eats rice). At 147 lbs and still be able to pack some punches and move like lightning fast speed...Oscar, like many of his past opponents - simply couldn't not handle the Manny's wrath. It was sad to see him bow out of the contest in between rounds...a great fighter in his own right but I think this really was a fight Oscar wanted to do to end his great career fighting the best current boxer to date - win or lose. If I was a fighter...I would to.

Definitely not our conventional way of training for the common and majority of us here in real life but boxing and MMA fighter training is probably one of the best approaches to fat loss...hands down.

But what a fight for Manny last night.

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