Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Deadlifts and Nike Free's!


Got me some new pairs of Nike Frees I ordered at the Nike Store which is just a few minutes away from Qualcomm Stadium (btw, the Chargers are going to the Playoffs!! The Chargers are going to the Playoffs!!! Whoooooooohoooo!!!)...

Sorry...back to the shoes. =)

Unfortunately they were out of stock at the store but was able to order them online at the store site and got them for dirt cheap with free delivery to boot! They're called Nike Free Dynamic SL Tr Men’s Training Shoe. It's black with all synthetic leather. Alot different from the one I have currently as it has a meshed front so the feet are more free to move around. With the synthetic leather, it may take some time to get them broken in...but they are flat as hell. Online and store prices would be $85.00, but I got them at a discounted price of $50!!!! Can't beat that and I know they are great shoes. Should be arriving in less than a week. Whoooo!!!!!

After a little my time at the Nike Store, it was off to the gym to do some strength work on the Deadlifts and some shrug work. Was not intending to lift anything the next 2 weeks...but I couldn't resist. Hit another personal best at this exercise deadlifting 325 lbs at 1 rep. Finished it off with some rowing intervals and a 1 mile run to end it out.

Less than 48 hours to the New Year! Time flew by pretty fast! Whew!

Keep finding the motivation in you,



JuJu said...

YAY!!!! Finally you got your Nike (I could never imagine a person be so happy about a pair of training shoes, until I got to know the word "NUTBAG" ahahahaha)
HERE IN AUSTRALIA IS ALREADY 2009!!! Hope you have a great NEW YEAR Andy!!! All the best for you and your family! JuJu

Andy said...

Thanks Juju!!! I went bonker crazy over finally finding the "one" shoe that fits yesterday....hahahah!!!

Happy New Year, Juju to you and yours as well!