Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Morning BW workout

Yesterday felt a bit sluggish getting up. Did some KB swings and light KB circuits for an off day routine before going to work. But it just didn't feel right to me.

Got up this morning...and did a Coach Dos BW routine upstairs in our loft at home, on carpet with some pj's on. Now this was a good one. I really felt my body really worked up at the end of this routine. All BW work...very heart pounding workout with alot of sweat involved. I miss this alot.

Here is the workout:

6 am
Dos Routine

I. Countdowns (10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1)
Plyometric Push ups supersetted with BW jump squats (no rest)

II. BW Complexes "24s"
a) Parallel Squats - 24 reps
b) BW Jump Squats - 24 reps (more! whoohooo!)
c) Forward Lunges - (24 reps/side)
d) Split Jumps - 24 reps/side

III. Foam roll

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Quickie Workout

So I intentionally wake up a little later than I should this morning before heading off to work. Didn't want to go without getting something in this morning at least. Started off with some KB circuits and ending it with a few supersets of assisted one leg squats with blast straps and max out push ups. That was it. Short and sweet.

Somethings always better than nothing I say...just do it. Make it an attitude, a lifestyle and JUST DO IT.

Have a program change up planned for next week which I can't wait to start doing.

Dos' workouts have been off the hook - will continue on with explosive olympic lifts in my routines, something I intend to improve on here on out. These are definitely great start off exercises. So glad to learn them all! They're all great moves...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I love my Home Gym

One of the great things about home training is the convenience of having it there when you don't feel the urge to hit the road to the commercial gym I go to. I work out at my work gym because I don't like running late for work plus there is some convenience with the hexagon db's they have there. I've said this before - I really enjoy home workouts over commercial gym workouts. I've always loved home workouts because #1: it's right there for you to use. #2 I could do any workout I please in boxers that early in the morning and no one would know but me. Hahaha! j/k.

Again, I'm not a big commercial gym guy as much any more but I always have my best workouts at home or at work for some reason.

We can all say we all go to the gym to workout. But the privacy and the ability to use a complete home gym at my disposal nowadays is of huge importance to me. I don't like crowds and I don't like distractions (I'll admit - I can get "very distracted" with the gym I go to... Hey man, the eye candy can be reallllly nice - let's be honest here).

Although most routines I do only require minimal space anyways - why do I still go to a commercial gym when I got everything I can do all at home? I think the only time I workout at a commercial gym is on Tuesdays when I'm pretty much out of the house all day and just want a change of scenery once a week and to hit the steam.

Yup, I'm selfish like that!! Hahaha!!! :p

But kiddingness aside: home training rules in my book.

So I get home a little later than usual on a short day. Still felt pretty energetic so I hopped on my treadmill and did a 3 mile run under 52 minutes. Nothing hard, just continuous jogging/running at a comfortable pace for 52 minutes. No rhyme or reason for doing it - I just felt like running as I haven't done distance for some time except for that 3.3 mile walk trail we did over the weekend.

Foam rolling afterward.

Many may ask me: "So what exactly did you do with $500.00 that you won at Craig Ballantyne's 4th TT contest?". Here's a list of things I got with a $500.00 budget which I used all on gym equipment. Please note, I felt like a kid at a candy store the minute that check was received in the mail last month (many thanks again to Craig Ballantyne). Here's my list:

- a 300 lb Olympic Bar Set
- A decent squat rack
- A bench (my old Walmart one rocks and is very unstable)
- some floor paddings for some BW work (damn, doing some BW exercises on cold garage pavement sucks)
- KB's - 70, 54 lbs from Craigslist (I already have a 10, 35 and a 45 lb KB)
- a pair of gloves (my old ones are all torn up)

On top of that, I already have:
- 3 pairs of adjustable old school DB handles that can hold 80 lbs on a pair of db handles (I was contemplating on some power blocks or a bowflex - but I figured I got a decent amount of weight plates for my db's and I can do improve on some exercises with an Olympic barbell now. Even better.)
- a stab ball
- a power station for dips, pull ups, knee raises and push ups
- a treadmill
- a weighted jump rope
- a dvd player for some yoga, capoeira
- a heavy bag
- 3 med balls (a 5lb, 8 lb and a 12 lb)
- ankle weights
- elastic bands
- Blast straps
- a recumbant bike
- a gymboss timer and a regular timer
- my old vinyl plate barbell
- and an elliptical machine to hang my sweaty shirts on.
- pulling/lifting hooks
- a 20 lb weighted vest
- a pair of Nike Frees

---- and last but not the least the most important gym equipment of all - MY OWN BODYWEIGHT.

So I think I have all the essentials here. This took some time to invest in. Was very fortunate to have won in a contest like Craig's contest recently to even think about getting those new toys I mentioned - but definitely well worth the investment in my book!!

I will be posting pics here soon...just haven't got to it just yet! So sorry...:)


My THURSDAY NutBag Routine

Off day routine and in the spirit of nutbagging and metabolic resistance training...had a great walk to work and did a great circuit routine. But I would like to make mention of a great multi movement move I added in this circuit which I got from youtube many weeks ago I wanted to give a try this morning.

Basically it starts off with a incline db press. After that move, with DB's at shoulder length - you go straight into a standing position (you're almost doing a crunch from a seated to standing position at that point! You can feel the abs working) and do a overhead DB press. that's one rep. TOUGH!!! Now do that over a minute. Killer.

Time: 6 am
Work Gym
Modified Hurricane Circuit/Max Squats and Arms routine

I. Circuit
3 rounds
60 sec per exercise in each circuit (rest when needed within the circuit)
90 sec rest between each round

Jump Ropes
Reverse Lunges
Stab Ball Jack Knifes (arms on bench. Rest here was a static plank on ball...and then continued with the reps within that 60 sec time frame)
Neutral Grip Pull Ups
Incline DB Chest Press to Standing overhead press (phew!)

II. Max Rep Squats
Alternated between 45 lb Bar and Prisoner Squats over 5 minutes
- 80 total reps completed. Tough.

III. Arm Work Circuit
a1) Standing DB Curls
a2) Tricep Pressdowns
a3) Scaption Raises

That was it!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pull routine, Complexes and "Cardio"

Got up this morning...chest pretty sore, as well as my shoulders and upper back. Feels good though. So I parked my car, walked to work and got this workout in this morning, bright and early:

Time: 6am
Work Gym

I. Workout
a) Power Shrugs
- Warm Up 100x1x4, 185x2x5, 205x1x5, 205x1x2

b1) DB RDL's
- Warm up 35x1x8, 55x1x10, 65x2x10, 75x1x6
b2) Chin Ups 7/6/6/4

c) DB rows
- warm up 35x1x8, 65x2x10, 75x2x10

d) Seated V Grip Pull downs 90x1x10, 120x3x10

II. BB complex (Cosgrove)
--- this is damn hard.
45 lb bar
5 sets of 6 reps
60 sec between each circuit
Holy Cow!!!!!

Bent over BB rows
Hang Cleans
Front Squat to OH Press
Squat Jumps
Good Mornings

III. "Cardio"
1/2 mile hard run under 5 minutes (again, I suck)

Great one.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

5 days Off...time to get busy!

Ok...5 days off - I think that's enough time to recover and recuperate. I think that's more than enough time. One thing I've noticed when you do take time off is how sluggish you can get. I definitely felt that these past few days. Feels good. Didn't do what I planned on doing - but just taking some time off of weights and not being to strict on my intakes has really helped some.

But I miss weight training.

Time: 10 am
Garage workout
Push Routine
I. Workout
a) Hang Muscle Snatches
- Warm Up - 65x3x6
- Actual Sets: 100x4x5

b) Parallel Squats
- Warm up - 100x2x4
- Actual Sets: 190x2x10, 255x1x6, 255x1x3

c1) BB incline Press 100x4x8
c2) Blast strap push ups (handles at about 3 feet above floor) BWx4x8

d) DB split Jerks 35x4x6/leg

II. - Core -
a1) Kneeling ab rollouts (4x45 secs - not for reps, for time)
a2) Plank with Elbow to Knee touch (4x45 secs)
- rest 30 sec between each superset

b1) Scissor Kicks (3x8 per under over)
b1) Hanging Knee Raises 3x10

III. HIIT (treadmill sprints)
45 sec sprint 9/10
30 sec active rest 3/10
- 10 cycles
- 5 minute coold down

IV. Static Stretching

Notes: Feel really strong. Definitely the rest was of benefit these past few days. 255 on the squats. Haven't done that in some time. Core work and intervals in the end was a doozy.

Time to pick up my boys from school...


Train Safe...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

A Salute to all our War Veterans....Happy Memorial Day Weekend to everybody here in the States!

So I've been off from any actual workouts for the past few days dating back Thursday last week (happy hour with some friends that day). Still getting over a pulled neck muscle I think I got this last Thursday as well. Don't quite know how I even got it. I just remember having a back pack with me and carrying a few bags for some coworkers to there cars was all.

So i've been doing alot of stretching these past few days, some Yoga...but that's about it.

But yesterday...I did do a gymless routine at the park yesterday before hitting a great trail walk with my wife yesterday morning that was a good 3.5 miles in length. It covers an entire lake and a golf course. Tons of people out there yesterday which was really cool to see. We can both feel the Summer just around the corner.

But back to my gymless routine...with a back pack on - I was doing bulgarian split squats, Pull ups on monkey bars (yep, with a sore neck even), dips and inverted rows. After that it was off on our walk up and down the trail park not far from home. We finished the walk just under an hour. Felt good.

After that, we went and watched a matinee movie and it was off to the pool in the afternoon to spend time with the boys.

5 days off from working can really feel the body feel so sluggish. Could be from some bad food choices made since last Thursday. Its all good though.

I'm like a light switch...I can turn it up but I think I also know when to turn it down some too. I'll be hitting it up strong once again soon here.

I've got a few workout routines I'm interested in giving a shot...

Enjoy the Holiday!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Abused by alcohol...

Haven't gone drinking in some time. Literally it's been months. Had a great time out with a group of buddies of mine at work and we had a blast at a bar here in Downtown SD.

We were there for a full 4 hours just drinking away, eating and having a good time.

So I went home....crashed in bed and got up pretty late for work this morning. So no workouts. Not worried at all....I think this is one of a few that I've missed.

I found this amusing these last few weeks, particularly last night of some observations. Yep, lots of kidding went on last night but yes - the comments of how skinny thin I look. Maybe it's true but those are the comments that I've always been getting since Day 1 - so nothing's changed ... those comments...the amusing ones that want to sabotage every little thing I did in the weight room over the span of 2 1/2 years. It's all in fun and jest because they are good friends of mine. But with the unsolicited comments also come the positive and supported ones - so on the other side of the equation, is a good thing. Bottomline: both sides see a change - it's just perceived differently. I could understand that. But I don't let either affect me one bit. It isn't about them here - but all about me.

If they only knew how long it took me. You have the right reasons - you can look at anyone straight in the eye and tell them why you do what you do in non-condescending way. But that's just me.

I look at it this way - this is going to be an ongoing thing (I guess the fitter you get - the more people will take notice) and I'm well over that. Just find it amusing is all.

Lot of friends of mine were getting on my case that I needed to "bulk up". Co workers during recent weeks have even asked me if I was on supplements or juicing. Last night they were even teasing me that I could have anything on the menu as long as I promised them that I get some "weight" back. although there was alot of useless calories consumed last night. No worries...I think it's safe to say, I'm comfortable in knowing what I know now than what I didn't know 2 1/2 years ago in living a healthier lifestyle. Advantage: Me. :)

Sad to say: no supplements used on this body. Nope.

We're not in this thing to please others, or be more accepted in the community. But it is a good thing to know that people do see a change not only externally but internally. Take the good with the bad and take some pride of your accomplishments the natural way through diet, exercise and mindset. Put those 3 things in your lifestyle - no one can get in your way from achieving your dreams. Be selfish with this and always put yourself first in everything you do to get to those goals.

Have a great weekend.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

VO 2 Max, EPOC and Metabolic Training for Endurance

What is VO2 max??????

"VO2 max has been defined as:

"the highest rate of oxygen consumption attainable during maximal or exhaustive exercise".

As exercise intensity increases so does oxygen consumption. However, a point is reached where exercise intensity can continue to increase without the associated rise in oxygen consumption.

The point at which oxygen consumption plateaus defines the VO2 max or an individual's maximal aerobic capacity. It is generally considered the best indicator of cardiorespiratory endurance and aerobic fitness. However, as we’ll discuss in a moment, it is more useful as an indicator of a person's aerobic potential or upper limit than as a predictor of success in endurance events.

Aerobic power, aerobic capacity and maximal oxygen uptake are all terms used interchangeably with VO2 max.

VO2 max is usually expressed relative to bodyweight because oxygen and energy needs differ relative to size. It can also be expressed relative to body surface area and this may be a more accurate when comparing children and oxygen uptake between sexes."

Now what is EPOC?

Resistance Training and EPOC
Jeff M. Reynolds and Len Kravitz, Ph.D.

After cardiovascular exercise or weight training, the body continues to need oxygen at a higher rate than before the exercise began. This sustained oxygen consumption is known as excess postexercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). Originally referred to as an oxygen debt, this postexercise state was first hypothesized by A.V. Hill and H. Lupton in 1922. Hill and Lupton theorized that the body needs to replace the oxygen used by working muscles during mild to intense bouts of exercise. More recently, researchers have used the term EPOC to describe the several different events that occur as the body restores itself to homeostasis, or rest.
This article will describe the physiological factors that contribute to EPOC, discuss its relation to weight management and review a recent article on EPOC and resistance training.

EPOC Overview
Body:During EPOC the body is restoring itself to its pre-exercise state, and thus is consuming oxygen at an elevated rate. This means that energy is also being expended at an elevated rate. The following occurs during EPOC:
1) Replenishment of Energy Resources: Replenishment occurs for the immediate source of energy, known as the phosphagen system, which is comprised of creatine phosphate and ATP (adenosine triphosphate). In addition, lactate, a molecule that is produced during more intense exercise, is being converted to pyruvate for fuel utilization. The body is also restoring the muscle glycogen (a stored form of glucose) that has been used during the exercise bout.
2) Re-oxygenation of Blood and Restoration of Circulatory Hormones: During exercise metabolism, large amounts of oxygen are used to break down food substrates for energy. Therefore, the body continues to expend energy after exercise to re-oxygenate the blood. In addition, in the postexercise period, the body restores the levels of circulatory hormones, which increased during exercise, to normal.
3) Decrease in Body Temperature: As energy is liberated from the exercising muscle tissues of the body, heat is produced. Thus, during EPOC, the body must expend energy to return to the normal core body temperature.
4) Return to Normal Ventilation and Heart Rate: Energy expenditure is greatly elevated as the body rapidly returns to a normal breathing rate. Heart rate is also returning to a pre-exercise rate.

EPOC and Weight Management
Because the body continues to expend energy after exercise, EPOC plays a supplemental role to an exercise program in weight management. Currently, researchers are interested in the effect different forms of exercise have on EPOC.
The evidence suggests that a high-intensity, intermittent-type of training (interval training) has a more pronounced effect on EPOC (Haltom et al. 1999). Also, it appears that resistance training produces greater EPOC responses than aerobic exercise (Burleson et al. 1998). The research suggests that high-intensity resistance exercise disturbs the body’s homeostasis to a greater degree than aerobic exercise. The result is a larger energy requirement after exercise to restore the body’s systems to normal (Burleson et al. 1998), and thus an explanation for the higher EPOC. The underlying mechanisms that cause the higher EPOC observed in resistance exercise include elevated blood lactate, and an increase in circulating catecholamines (epinephrine and norepinephrine) and anabolic hormones.
Inspecting the data from several investigations, it appears that EPOC accounts for postexercise expenditure of 51 (Haltom et al. 1999) to 127 (Burleson et al. 1998) kilocalories. Since a pound of fat is equal to 3,500 kilocalories, the effect of EPOC on weight control must be regarded in terms of a cumulative effect over time.

Recent Investigation
Current research of resistance weight training and EPOC has noted a relationship between exercise intensity and elevated metabolic rate. As weight lifting intensity increases, the EPOC duration also increases. Most research up to now has been on EPOC and resistance training in males. This recent study attempts to clarify the effects of EPOC on resting metabolic rate (RMR) on healthy, weight-trained females.

Osterberg, K. L. & Melby, C. L., 2000. Effect of acute resistance exercise on postexercise oxygen consumption and resting metabolic rate in young women. International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, 10 (1), 71-81.
Seven females, with an average age of 27 years, height of 66 inches, weight of 141.5 pounds and body fat of 18.3 percent, participated in this research study. Subjects were required to maintain body-weight stability, which the authors defined as no gain or loss of weight greater than 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds) in the last six months. All subjects’ meals were standardized prior to and during the exercise intervention.
The exercise program consisted of five sets of 10 different exercises. The exercises were performed in agonist/antagonist pairs (push/pull sequence), with 10 to 15 repetitions per set. Opposing muscle groups were paired together to avoid premature failure due to muscular fatigue, and the last two sets of each exercise were performed to failure. The exercise groupings consisted of bench press and bent-over row; leg extension and leg curl; military press and sit-ups; biceps curl and triceps extension; and lunges and lateral raises. The subjects were given a four-minute time period to perform the exercise pairs and could rest for the remainder of the time if they finished before the four minutes expired.
EPOC remained elevated throughout the three-hour postexercise measurement phase and was measured every 30 minutes. It was 13 percent higher than pre-exercise baseline oxygen consumption (VO2) in the final measurement stage. The subjects’ average RMR was 4.2 percent higher 16 hours following exercise, when compared to the pre-workout RMR. The authors concluded that intense resistance training produces modest, but prolonged elevation of postexercise metabolic rate in women.

Practical Application:
Intermittent, high-intensity weight training appears to have the greatest effect on EPOC (Melby et al. 1993; Laforgia et al 1997) and individuals who perform high volume (2- Color 5 sets of 10 to 15 reps at 60- 70% of 1-RM) resistance exercise will see minimal weight management benefits from EPOC (Burleson et al. 1997; Osterberg However, it should be emphasized that the overall weight-control benefits of EPOC, for men and women, from participation in resistance exercise occur over a significant time period, since kilocalories are expended at a low rate in the individual postexercise sessions.

Feeling a Deloading Week next week

Going pretty strong these past 5 weeks. I feel a deload week next week. I've been pushing it all 5 weeks since my one week off after the 4th Turbulence Training Contest that just ended and that was for 12 weeks of straight workouts. Just like changing programs routinely, it's always advisable to take a week of light weights and exercise. So deloading it is for next week but with Cosgrove complexes 4x/week (this is a strong maybe - because this may not be a good idea either on a deload phase) with just the bar - basically training at a reduced intensity and volume. Still up in the air about it but I know the reps go up in week 3 - but I like the 5 rep range for next week here. Again..I may just skip it all together.

Any well-constructed fitness program should have easier days and then harder days. Dos Remedios encourages this too and I look up to similar guys like him for well designed programs.

Again, like I've mentioned in a previous post - I've just understood more on what periodization means and is one of the basic principles in weightlifting/training. I think this is definitely something that most people have come to learn throughout their years of weightlifting.

This will be 2 1/2 years strong for me so it's safe to say this is a lifestyle now.

Sooooo, I will definitely give the nervous system a break here and allow the body to re-adapt itself at the same time. And fortunately, I learned this over time as well as to how advantageous this is.

Looking back at my 5 weeks...these were some tough ass workouts. I mean really tough. And I'm feeling it right now...

Thursday Morning Workout
545 am
Work Gym

warm up consisted of leg/shoulder swings, push ups and jumping jacks

I. Workout (modified here)
a) BB OH Snatches 55/65/85/85x4x5

b1) BB split Squats 85x4x10
b2) Chin ups 7/7/7 (only three sets of 7) - added this here. I know it's a pull but that's ok. I could use a good stretch here.

c) DB Flat press 55x4x10

d) Complex B (Edit. Forgot to put this in here. Did Cosgrove workout as well. ~ Andy
5 cycles
45 lb bar
75 sec rest
- RDL's
- Squat to Press
- Reverse Lunges

extra stuff....

e) DB external rotations.

f) Hanging Leg Raises 4x10

II. Stretching

That was it...


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pretty Sore today..

Got up late this morning...the deadlifts did it in for me, so I skipped any workouts today and took this as an off day. Much needed.

So not much to report on this side but some Happy Hour downtown tomorrow with some coworkers which should be fun!

Haven't had a drink in sometime.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Deadlifts and a Pull Routine

time: 10 am
Commercial gym

Dropped the kids off to school and headed straight to my commercial gym for the following Dos Remedios' pull routine (with some leg/arm swings and chin ups for warm ups)...

I. Workout
a) Deadlifts for strength
warm up set - 95x2x6
Actual Sets: 135x1x10, 155x1x10, 185x1x6, 225x1x1

b) Hang Cleans 95x4x10/9/8/6

c) One Leg Back extensions on roman chair 4x10/leg

d) Seated Cable rows (v grip) 110x1x10, 130x1x10, 150x1x10, 190x1x3, 110x1x7 (drop set)

f) Weighted Assisted side to side pull ups 4x10/7/7/6 (dropping the weight assist used in the assist per set. Should have started with lighter weight than starting off with heavier weighted assist here. I can feel my lats burning)

Core training
a1) Med Ball twist 1,2 then crunch on a decline (legs higher than head) 3x10/6/6 per side, crunch
a2)Planks arms on stab ball 30 sec hold x 3

b1) Standing torso twist with 12 lb med ball 2x10/side
b2) Stab Ball rollouts 2x10

c) Hanging Alternating Knee Raises 2x8/leg

II. Steam and stretching

Notes: Felt really good. Skipped Cosgroves complex B today. Didn't think it would be a good idea to do it after today's routine. Good thing is, I got a good taste of deadlifting along with some core training. Intend to do it tomorrow morning. Lots of work done today and was glad to do some deadlifts to start off the actual workout. Core training was nice too. Haven't been hitting the treadmill for sometime - it's really good to stay away from it for now. I get alot of "cardio" just doing complexes, walking to work and playing volleyball. Hope to hit it for a change sometime soon once again.

In the steam room, was doing some meditation and stretching in there. Didn't realize I was bleeding from the nose when I came out. It was pretty stuffy in there with some hot steam. Was in there for a good 10 minutes.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Morning DosGrove Workout

Great rest day yesterday. Happy New Workweek to all...My Monday Morning workout...I'll call it the Monday DosGrove Workout.

Time: 6am
Work Gym

I. BW circuit x2
- Jump rope - 40 reps
- Push Ups - 12
- Reverse Lunges - 6/side (alternating)
- Neutral Grip Pull Ups - 6 reps

II. Dos Workout (Push Routine)
a.) DB snatch 25x1x5, 45x1x5, 50x1x5 55x2x5 per arm (the first set was almost like a warm up set)

b1) BB Split Squat 95x4x10/leg
b2) DB Flat Presses *45x1x8 (warm up); 55x2x10, 65x2x10

c) Stab Ball Jacknife to push up 4x10/8/8/6

d1) DB corkscrews 20x4x10/side
d2) Planks with arms on stab ball 4x30 sec hold

III. Cosgrove Complex A
- 45 lb bar
- 5x5 with 75 sec rest (rest periods go down each week)
- again, 5 rounds
Exercises in order:
- BB rows
- Hang Cleans
- Front Squat to Press
- Jump Squats
- Goodmornings

IV. Stretching

Fast, efficient - effective. This would be about my 5th week of Dos' routines... Combining Dos Remedios athletic strength training and a little bit Cosgrove's metabolic approach philosophies is pretty interesting. Finding DB snatches easier on the wrists than KB snatches with the weights used here. Best to use the higher weighted KB's for swings, high pulls, gobbler squats and rows in my opinion.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Konked Out Last Night

Completely konked out last night. I had never slept that straight in some time. Got to bed at just past 8pm...and got some straight zzzzz's til 5:30 am this morning. The minute I took my scrub shirt off, had no clue I dozed off on our bed with my scrub pants on and my Hanes tang top still on me while my whole family was pretty much still wide awake I guess. Note: my work scrubs are the most comfortable of work clothes I think. Almost like walking in pajamas. (BTW, I had to take a whole revamping of my uni's and civies because they are all oversized. Total wardrobe makeover these past few weeks. I may donate some of my unused clothing to charity.) Had my wife not set my alarm clock ahead of time - I would have been in Lala Land til 12 noon. I had no idea I had slept that long. But when I got up - I felt wide awake and rev'd. Great feeling.

No workouts today...taking a day off and then it's back to Week 2 of my Push Pull routine with some Cosgrove complexes. That whole week last week really reminded me of a similar workout I used to do - very physically demanding but definitely an ass kicker.

Have a great Sunday...go Lakerss!


Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Thanks" Alwyn...

Got up early this morning...less sore, more motivated. Cosgrove this literally has to be the hardest complex I've ever done. The hardest. Anyway, here's my workout this early Saturday morning...

Time: 5 am
Garage workout

I. Warm Up
- Legs swings, jump rope, shoulder rotations
Warm Up Circuit x 2
- running high knees
- push ups
- forward lunges
- one leg rdl's

II. Workout
a) KB power cleans (54 lbs) 4x5/arm - love the unilateral explosive movement on this one. Also noticed core being worked here as well.

b1) BB RDL's 155x4x10
b2) DB external/internal rotations (almost like a active rest for me before doing the next set of RDL's. No time wasted here baby)

c1) DB Row and twist 45x4x10
c2) Plyometric Jumps - Lateral Hops over Bar 10/side

d1) Assisted Chins 4x10

III. HIIT (Cosgrove Complex D)
45 lb bar
6 exercises, 5 reps each
90 sec rest between rounds
4 rounds (this is (*)&in TOUGH)

a) Squat Jumps with Bar
b) Squats
c) Squats with 10 sec hold (yep, you read right)
d) Military Press
e) Push Press
f) Squat to Overhed Press (damn!)

- This is very challenging complex in itself but it felt soooo darn good. What a great workout, Alwyn. Thanks for a great ass whuppin today. =)

IV. Big time foam rolls...and some static stretching to end it. Phew.

Have a great weekend.

Train Safe,

Friday, May 15, 2009

Metabolic Baby...

So I wake up this morning - sore all over. My hips, thighs, my shoulders...even my lower back. Just really stiff. Don't know if this was from volleyball the other day or from sitting on my butt on uncomfortable seats during jury duty. Didn't do much stretching at jury duty...just sitting on my butt reading all day twiddling my thumbs and sipping on some coffee.

Anyway, so I was sore as hell getting up so I did some yoga this morning for a good 15 minutes and really felt alot better afterwards.

This afternoon, didn't feel strong enough to get a good quality strength workout in so I went metabolic today. Still did Cosgrove's Workout C of the Barbell complex routine, the 200 rep Tarheel Med ball workout and some Heavy Bag/BW squat Tabatas. Topped it off with more stretching afterwards.

Nothing heavy...but not easy either.

Here's the workout:
Time: 3 pm
Garage Workout

I. Complex C
- 75 lb BB
- 4 rounds
- 5 exercises
- 5 reps/exercise
- 90 sec rest between each complex

High Pull
Squat Clean
Military Press
Jump Lunges (no barbell used here)

II. Med Ball 200 rep Tarheel Workout
Big Circles
Standing Russian Torso Twists
Med Ball Wood Chops
Squat and Press
Med Ball Crunches
45 degree torso twists (legs up)
Suitcase Crunches
Rocky solos
Toe Touches
Diagonal crunches

III. Tabatas
20/10 - 8 cycles

20 sec prisoner squats
10 sec heavy bag punches

IV. More stretching

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jury Duty Sucks!

Had a great game of volleyball last night that lasted for 3 hours. 3 full hours. Great game...lots of fun - physically whipped.

This morning I got up for something I have always dreaded because they are so boring - Jury Duty. Luckily here in the County of SD - you are only required to attend one day. If you're name doesn't get called as a potential juror candidate - you have fulfilled your civic responisibility and wont be bugged for the next 12 months at the least. Whoopee!

I can't tell you how many people had their iphones and cells as well as their laptops open all day long. That was so funny.

Anyway, before checking in. I went to the gym and did some light chest work and some shoulder strengthening work before heading off to the Hall Of Justice. Nothing regimented here just some chest and shoulder work was all...

Time: 6am
Commercial Gym

Warm Up: shoulder rotations, push ups, stick ups, static shoulder stretches

a) Flat Bench BB Press 155x5x5

b1) Front Delt raises 8x3x12
b2) Side Delt Raises 8x3x12
b2) Rear delt raises 8x3x12


"Those who are enamored of training without science are like a pilot who goes onto a ship without rudder or compass and never has any certainty to where he is going."

- Leonardo Da Vinci

A Deputy Sheriff friend of mine who happens to be a Crossfitness instructor here at our local suburb let me borrow a book called Quantum Strength Fitness II (Gaining the Winning Edge) by Patrick O'Shea, Ed. D. Book basically focuses on Applied Strength Training and Conditioning for Peak Performance for athletes. Brought the book with me to jury duty and the first 3 chapters I read today were really informative with full explanations of strength training and conditioning for athletes. Olympic Lifts are the meat of the order here. The first few chapters also covered Periodization or the Cyclic Training concepts for Peak Performance something that I really want to get a full grasp understanding of. This book covered it for me from top to bottom just from the first few chapters I read.

Great stuff!!

Learn new things matter how boring your day may be. =)


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hurricane Cirrrrccccuit!!!!!!!!


Warm up:
Shoulder rotations, Leg swings, Jumping Jacks....

Hurricane Circuit
- 60 sec work (rest as needed)
- 5 exercises
- 90 sec rest between circuits
- 3 cycles

a. Speed Rope
b. Step Ups (alternating)
c. Decline Russian Twist
d. Push up to Renegade Row to T Plank using 8 lb DB's
e. Squat Jumps

III. Ab circuit (3 rounds)
- Fast Tempo Mountain Climbers x 12 (phew)
- Saxxon Side Bends with 25 lb plate 5/side (hard)
- Hanging Leg raises (Holy $&*(!!)x 10

IV. Cool down
- 5 minute walk on treadmill (haven't been sprinting much lately)

Awesome off day routine. Winded. No wonder...they don't call this the HURRICANE for nothing.

FELT GREAT. (yeah right!)


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A 1pm Workout!? OMG!

1 pm Workout
Commercial Gym

Warm Up ciruits x2
Jumping Jacks
Push Ups
Standing Torso twists with med ball
Squat Press with med ball

Workout (Dos Remedios)

1a) Muscle Snatches (warm up sets 45x2x5) 65x4x5
1b) One leg RDL's with 25 lb DB 4x10

2a) Standing Cable Face Pulls 40x4x10
2b) One arm Seated Lat Pulldowns 40x1x10/arm, 50x3x10/arm

3) Neutral Grip Pull Ups BWx4x10/6/5/5 (added exercise)

II. HIIT (BB Complex/Combo Lifts) (Cosgrove)
- 60 lb prewt'ed BB
- 5 reps/exercise
- 90 sec rest
- 4 cycles (almost felt like puking throughout)

- RDL's
- Hang Clean to Front Squat to Push Press
- Reverse Lunges

III. Cooldown, stretch and steam (Andy's... :p )
- 5 minute walk on treadmill
- Static stretching
- 10 minutes steam

Whatdoyaknow...a mid day workout.Well again it's my "Whatever I can squeeze in Tuesdays"...hahaha!! Very focused throughout this workout nonetheless. Didn't get much sleep as our eldest twin son has been battling some flu like symptoms this entire week.

This complex by Cosgrove was killer. Nuff said on that note. Killer. Absolutely killer.

Focus. It's a good thing to have. Don't worry about Joe Schmoe pumping 60 lb DB's in front of the mirror....or Hot Suzy doing leg curls and turning heads left and right...take care of your business at your gym...and once you're done - get the hell out. No point in wasting time in there after a workout. I see people just lounging around with towels in their hands for the entire time I'm at my commercial gym and it's almost annoying.

Wish I had that much time on my hands!!! But again to each their own but you have to admire the fact that at least they are there physically (with probably their mind in the gutter for the most part...) which is better than not being there at all I guess.

Overall a great change of scenery regardless. And I just love my gyms steam room!

Core work tomorrow!


Monday, May 11, 2009

Volleyball Gym was PACKED tonight!

So I get to our local gym for volleyball tonight...about an hour late as I was just coming off work. The summer is just around the corner and more and more I seem to see a grip of guys and gals heading for some Monday Night V-ball.

This was the most packed I've seen this gym in some time...whoa.

The only downside is...I'm seeing newbies who were very unruly on the court (let's just say these were generally punks who can't play and were out there with some tang tops and boardshorts with some tats all over their arms. Get my drift?) and girls who just want to look cute - who absolutely had no reason to be on the court whatsoever. No game at all. It really killed the excitement from what could have been a pretty good night overall. There are 2 courts. One court I like to call the court for the hardcore players...and then there's this other court all the way to the end which is for guys/gals who just want to mess around or warm up til we start to replace the losing team from the other court.

Anyway, to make the long story short - there were these punks that just couldn't understand the game and even not understand common courtesy. Let's just say they were being really obnoxious and giving some serious lip service to some girls who I thought was a bit out of league to be disrespectful to the women. Well, I know these girls and have played with them on occasion and they are better than most guys I've played against or with - compared to these punks who seem to have this sense of ownership on the court tonight.

Honestly, they killed the spirit of a rather fun night... they were bickering about who was going to be the starting 6...I offered my spot to some dude and took my bag and ball and walked to the other court and played some 3 on 3 with some high school teens that I found even more enjoyable for the night. 2 on 2, 3 on 3 does become harder because there's more court to cover. Got 8 kills and did alot of jump serving tonight - so was able to get some swings in which was cool in that regard.

The girls I know were a bit ticked off as well with these guys (well I'm don't show much emotion, but these girls...hahahaha!!!) and they decided to just take off. Couldn't blame 'em...but that really sucked ass though.

Moral of the story...follow your heart and you will find true happiness and content in life no matter how big or small these may be. If your heart isn't in something...neither will your body or your mind. Just because you're walking against the wind sometimes and just being you - don't sweat it. Just do your thing, man. Just do your thing - and do what you know is right. Just walk away from ignorance and find your happiness somewhere else - and that could be just a matter of using pure common sense. No need to put up with ignorance in life. Heck, I saw alot of ignorance tonight and sometimes you just need to sniff those out and walk away. No need to be a monkey (the monkey see, monkey do attitude) and try to be like everybody else - do what you're heart wants to do, and that's where true happiness lies.

Dont be ignorant...just use common sense and sometimes - that's all there is to it folks.

Be yourself...

Monday Morning Workout

Time: 5am
Garage Workout

Warm Up: Jumping jacks, shoulder rotations, neck rotations, mountain climbers, running high knees

I. Strength Training (Dos Remedios)
1) Power Clean 135x4x5

2) Front Squats 155x4x10

3) DB chest press 70x4x10

4) Push Press 135x2x10, 95x2x10

5a) Plank Hold x 30 secs
5b) Med Ball Woodchoppers x 10/side

II. Complex (Cosgrove)
- 45 lb Bar
- 4 sets of 5 reps
- 90 sec rest between circuits

Bent over BB rows
Hang Cleans
Front Squat to Push press (combination lift)
Jump Squats
Good Mornings

III. Stretching

Note: Decided to continue with Remedios' routine with a 4 day Push/Pull routine and finishing off with Cosgroves Complex for HIIT. A combination of strength work with metabolic work. Felt great. Spent. Wasted. Felt good.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Train Like An Athlete

Check out this video...this is what it's all about. How very important nutrition, exercise and the RIGHT mindset is involved in a successful transformation. They trained for 3 months prior to the movie Blade Trinity. Four hours in a gym, everyday is unreal...but looking at Jessica Biel in here - she does look pretty hot and moves so graciously.

Listen closely to what each actor and actress points out in this video, it's very interesting and you will learn some really good stuff from them.

Starring Wesley Snipes (Blade), Ryan Reynolds (Hannibal King), Jessica Biel (Abby) and Dominic Purcell (Drake)...these guys looked pretty ripped up. Again, listen closely to how candid they are about what it really takes.

What I did find most interesting is that they all involved some form of martial arts training in their regimen.

Train like an athlete - you will look leaner, toner and definitely move sharper than those muscleheads you see on Muscle and Fitness magazines which have muscles that don't have function.

Here's the video...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Andy's High Rep/High Volume Barefoot Workout

Sleep in day today...

Garage Workout
Time: 3:30 pm

Notes: This workout was done on bare feet. Again, these workouts do take some time to complete. Very high volume, very physically demanding. This is the last week of this specific routine. Dos Remedios definitely has a great program philisophy and I highly recommend people to take a peek at his Power Training Book. There are lots of good stuff in his book. I can pick out any routine from his book and do this for 3 weeks and not get bored one bit. Will be coming back to his program again here soon...

Contemplating on doing a great Alwyn Cosgrove routine that involves combination lifting of BB complexes, hybrid lifts and true combinations. I understand Cosgrove and Dos are good friends - so I should be well within the parameters of what I've been doing currently. This workout does involve a metabolic stimulus and not a strength or hypertrophy stimulus - so I will be conservative with the weights. BF went up to 2% - not surprised here with the type of workouts I'm hitting and the calories needed to get through them and for sole purpose of proper muscle recovery. But it has been great hitting weights again. I will still create havoc with my workouts as usual. But please note: I am definitely not going for world records here. I'm not aiming to be get buffed out either. Although most of my workouts do involve strength work for the most part - it's all about athletic training/conditioning and metabolic stimulation for me right now.

Have a day to think about it so we shall see. =)

Did do some iso work for extra work. Had time on my hands but again, this did take some time to complete. Great workout nonetheless....

1) Power Cleans 135x4x5

2) BB Split Squats (per leg) 115x10, 135x10, 155x10, 165x10

3) One leg RDL's with 25lb DB's on each hand 4x10

4a) BB Flat Bench Press 115x1x10, 135x1x10, 155x10, 165x10 (I know...I promised to never go over 135 on the bench press but I honestly did pretty good here with the increased loads per set)
4b) DB flies 25x4x8 (added)
4c) Lying DB Tricep Extensions 25x4x8 (added)
**** rest periods were about 90 secs to 2 minutes before repeating 3 more times.

5a) One arm plank with band pull 30x4x10/arm (modified)
5b) Push Ups 4x6 (added)

6a) Seated Russian torso twists with 12 lb med ball 4x15 reps/side
6b) Fast Tempo Mountain Climbers 4x12

7a) Seated Military Presses 45x4x10 (added)
7b) Bentover rows 25x4x6 (added)

Off day tomorrow....going out for lunch with a friend and his family at a great Lighthouse Buffet overviewing the San Diego Bay tomorrow for Mother's Day...should be fun.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Just do it

Got up early once again and banged out a kick ass off day routine consisting of BW circuits, core core circuits and some "cardio" it is:

Off Day Routine
Time: 530 am
2 minute rounds
7 rounds total
No rest between rounds but did rest a bit with the chin up sets.

I. Workout
- Chin Ups 10/10/8/7/7/7/7
- 2 hand DB Swings (25 lb DB's on each hand)x 10 reps
- Plyometric Explosive Push Ups x 10 reps
- Tuck Jumps (fast) x 12 reps
Notes: Easy? Think again....

II. Ab Circuits x2 rounds
- Kneeling Ab Wheel Roll Outs x 10 reps
- Plank push ups (elbows to hands/alternating) x 10 reps
- Turkish Get Ups with 10 lb KB x 5/side
- Side plank x 20 secs/side
- Renegade rows with 25 lb DB's 5 reps/side
Repeat One more time.
Notes: Phew.

III. "Cardio"
- 1/4 mile run under 2 minutes
Notes: drenching sweat.

IV. Stretching and Foam Rolls

Have a great weekend. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers!!!

Train Safe!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Feeling Great

These past week's workouts have been a revelation. A nice change of pace for me and keeps things fresh. Change is already good.

Got my home gym done and hope to take some pics of it here soon and share on my blog.

Managed to get up early and do my workout at our work gym this morning. Another good one here...

By the way, there is another great Transformation Contest going on at Craig Ballantyne's Turbulence Training Website. You can get more information on rules and all that at his awesome forum HERE. I joined his 4th Contest and recently won 2nd Place in the male category...Hey, if I can do it - you can too. And if you do join - tell Craig I sent you!!!!

Today's workout
6 am

Shoulder swings, rotations.

BW circuit Warm up x 2
- Jumping jacks
- Push Ups
- Fwd Lunges

1) Power Hang Cleans 135x1x5; 145x1x5; 155x1x5; 165x1x5

2) DB step ups 30x2x10 (I can still feel a little soreness around my butt today so I cutback on the sets. 30 lb DB's on both hands isn't light at all I'm realizing!)

3) Seated Goodmorning 95x2x10; 105x2x10

4a) Decline Side to Side Push Ups BWx4x10
4b) Mixed Grip Pull Ups BWx4x10/8/6/6

5) Standing Cable Rows 30x4x10 (nothing too heavy)


Notes: Very good workout. Power cleans were awesome. All done in less than 35 minutes.

Train Safe!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fried Abs and some Complexes for Breakfast..yummy!

Got to work early this morning for a pretty nice off day routine consisting of some core work and bb complexes, followed by some cardio on the treadmill in the end:

Time: 5:30 am

I. Core Circuits x 2:
Big Circles (35 lb Plate)
Corkscrews with a 15 lb DB
Stab Ball J Knives
Side planks
Hanging Leg raises
Planks with arms on Ball
BB Torque Twists (135 lb)

II. BB complex
3 rounds
- 45 lb Bar
10 reps/exercise

High Pull
Overhead press

III. One mile run under 10 minutes (I suck.)


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

DB Snatches!

A follow up to my other blogpost (below) just now... =)

Week 3 of Dos' Power Training book and did a great routine this morning after taking the kids to shcool. Man, there's just literally tons of power moves you can do in his routines (almost like rosstraining but more geared towards more conventional training methods. Both are great athletic based routines). Instead of supersetting with this routine (I did however, superset blast strap semi-inverted rows with blast strap rear delt flies)..I went straight sets throughout with some interval training in the end. It went like this (with a good warm up of course).

Time: 9:30 am
Garage workout

a) DB snatches from floor
- warm up sets - 45x2x5/arm
- 60x5x5/arm (added one more set)

b) Barbell Front squat to Press (95x1x10, 115x2x10, 135x1x10) (modified to do 2 moves in one)

c) RDL's 135x2x10, 185x2x6

d) Incline BB Press 135x2x10, 135x1x6, 135x1x3 (right shoulder soreness from yesterday's volleyball. It always happens.)

--- modified superet ----

e1) Blast strap semi inverted rows 4x10
e2) Blast Strap rear delt flies 4x10

Jump rope intervals 45 sec work/heavy bag 30 secs active rest

Max Push ups - 52 reps (phew!)


Shoulder Strength

Got back to playing recereational volleyball once or twice a week for about a good year now. Had a great game last night of 6 on 6...One thing I noticed is the day after a game - I do experience some right shoulder soreness which is directly related to overhead swinging. This is just the nature of the sport...just like baseball or tennis. I always do warm ups like shoulder swings, external rotations with db's, med balls or bands...I also have been using yoga as a form of exercise for flexibility as well. I had a friend who completely tore his pectoralis tendon from heavy lifting last year - and that's the least thing I would want to have happen to me.

Anwyay, read up this great article online from the Hughston Sports Medicine Foundation:

"Strengthen the Core to Help the Shoulder"

"Athletes who repetitively use their arms overhead during sport participation perform some of the most dynamic movements in athletics. Consider the baseball pitch, the tennis serve, or the volleyball spike. It is not unusual to see a baseball pitch thrown at more than 90 mph or a tennis ball served at more than 100 mph. Research has shown that, during the throwing motion, the shoulder rotates at speeds up to 7000° per second.1 The repetitive stresses placed on the shoulder during these movements make these overhead athletes vulnerable to shoulder injuries.2

The anatomy of the shoulder is unique because it provides extreme mobility, which enables athletes to perform at the high levels necessary for success. However, this mobility is available at the expense of shoulder stability, which is provided by a loose pouch of ligaments (tissues connecting two bones) and the rotator cuff muscles (group of muscles surrounding the shoulder that holds it in place). This delicate balance between mobility and stability can result in top performance; disruption of this balance can result in injury to the surrounding structures of the shoulder. Therefore, athletic trainers, therapists, and coaches have sought to develop exercise programs to combat the stresses that occur with repetitive shoulder movements.

During the throwing motion, the legs and hips create more than 54% of the force generated. Therefore, the athlete needs strong pelvic and trunk muscles to ensure the proper transmission of this force to the shoulder, arm, hand, and ultimately, the ball. If the core structures (that is, the trunk and pelvic muscles) are weak, the shoulder must create more force, which places greater stress on its anatomy."

Many shoulder problems can be prevented and treated with shoulder exercises.

Stretching exercises for the neck, shoulders, and upper back help relieve shoulder pain caused by poor posture.

Rotator cuff strengthening exercises help prevent shoulder impingement and rotator cuff injury.

Strengthening exercises for the muscles that control the shoulder blade is also important, as the shoulder blade (scapula) helps the rotator cuff to dynamically stabilize the shoulder.

The Importance of Strengthening the Rotator Cuff

Many muscles are involved in shoulder movement and all work together, but strengthening the rotator cuff is especially important. The rotator cuff is the main stabilizer of the shoulder joint during movement of the shoulder.

If the ball of the upper arm is not kept centered, abnormal stress is placed on surrounding tissue and may cause gradual injury. Strengthening the rotator cuff helps prevents common rotator cuff injuries including tendonitis, rotator cuff tears, and shoulder impingement syndrome.

Age-related changes in rotator cuff tendons leave them less elastic and more susceptible to injury. There is also a gradual loss of muscle mass that occurs with aging, which can be counteracted with strengthening exercises.

Rotator Cuff Muscles
The supraspinatus is located at the top of the shoulder and abducts the shoulder - it raises the upper arm and moves it away from the body.

The subscapularis is at the front of the shoulder - it internally rotates the shoulder.

The infraspinatus and teres minor are in the back of the shoulder - they externally rotate the shoulder.

Though each rotator cuff muscle moves the shoulder in a separate direction, though they all work together to stabilize the shoulder joint.

Strengthening all the muscles of the rotator cuff is important
. The two small external rotator cuff muscles are often weaker than the larger internal rotator cuff muscle.

The rotator cuff muscle involved abduction (the supraspinatus) is the most commonly injured of the cuff muscles due to its position between two bones, which often squeeze this tendon during overhead movement.

Other Shoulder Stabilizers
The scapula (shoulder blade) helps the rotator cuff to stabilize the shoulder joint while in motion. The rotator cuff muscles arise from the scapula and attach to the head of the upper arm bone. If the shoulder blade is not stable, undue pressure may be placed on the rotator cuff. Strengthening the muscles that support the scapula are important.

The bicep tendon that runs over the top of the humerus and connects at the top of the shoulder joint also helps stabilize the shoulder joint. Overloading the biceps by lifting something heavy may cause biceps tendonitis (also called shoulder tendonitis). Strengthening the biceps helps prevent injury.


Warm up.
Warming up with five minutes of aerobic exercise prepares the body for exercise by increasing heart rate and breathing rate, and increasing blood flow to the muscles, and raising body temperature. Warming muscles and tendons improve range of motion and decrease the risk of injury.

Build up Strength Slowly.
Be Patient. Doing too much too soon can cause overuse injuries. Strengthening a group of muscles should only be done every second day to give the muscles a chance to heal, unless otherwise instructed by a physician or physical therapist. Strengthening exercises load the muscles slightly beyond their limits and cause microscopic tears. If given a proper chance to heal, muscles become stronger. If not given a chance to heal, chronic inflammation and problems may develop.

You should feel mildly fatigued by the end of ten to twelve repetitions (a set). If you feel fatigued after just a few repetitions, decrease the difficulty of the exercise by lowering resistance (e.g. use lighter weights or no weights). If you do not feel fatigued after a set, increase the difficulty of the exercise by increasing resistance.

In exercises where the arms are straight, do not "lock" the elbows. Your elbows should be slightly bent. This makes the muscles work harder to increase the effectiveness of the exercise. Locking a joint while exercising also increases the chances of injuring the joint.

Move slowly and smoothly. Do not jerk. Move slowly and steadily to use the muscles, not momentum, to complete the exercises. For exercises involving lifting or pulling, take three seconds to lift or pull, hold for one second, and take three seconds to lower or return.

Breathe: Remember to breathe normally while exercising. When lifting the arm, exhale; when lowering the arm inhale.

Proper Posture:
As when standing or sitting, the shoulders should be kept back and down during exercise. (Slouching decreases the space the rotator cuff passes through and puts undue stress on the shoulder joint)


Warm up.
Warms muscles are more flexible than cold muscles. Warming up with five minutes of aerobics, such as walking around the block or riding a stationary bike, increases blood flow to the muscles and tendons and decreases the chance of injury.

A warm shower or bath also warms up muscles and prepares them for stretching exercises. (which is why I like steam so much)

Stretch Gently. Avoid bouncing. Stretch until you feel a tug. Hold a stretch for about 30 seconds. Do not stretch to the point of pain. Over-stretching can tear muscles.

Breathe: Do not hold your breath during exercise. Breathe normally during stretching exercises.


Dumbbells ( handheld weights) or resistance bands are often used to provide resistance in strengthening exercises. Handheld weights come in a series of weights, making it easy to gradually increase difficulty of exercises. Resistance bands provide resistance when stretched. Resistance bands come in a variety of thicknesses to provide different levels of resistance and are usually color-coded. Resistance bands are attached to a door knob or other immovable object. When using resistance bands, increasing the distance you stand from the wall increases the resistance.

If you have shoulder pain or injury, consult your physician before doing shoulder exercises. Do not do exercises that cause pain while performing them.

(One thing I want to post here is rotator cuff exercises)

Rotator Cuff Exercises
*Three samples of internal rotation exercises and three external rotation exercises are shown. Choose one. Do not do all three. In the first sample, resistance is provided by using an immovable object (isometric exercises); in the second, resistance is provided by using dumbbells (handheld weights); in the third, resistance is provided by the use of resistance bands. See equipment. (Exercises that use dumbbells may also be performed without weights to decrease difficulty)

Isometric Internal Rotation

Stand near the end of outer corner of wall.
Bend elbow to 90-degree angle and keep elbow close to body, lower arm level with floor.
Press palm of hand into wall for 10 seconds. Repeat exercise on other side.

Internal Rotation using Dumbbells

Lie on side.
Hold dumbbell on same side, Bend elbow to 90-degree angle. Keep elbow against body.
Slowly lift dumbbell upward and toward body.
Pause, and return to start.
Repeat 10 times. Repeat exercise on other side.

Internal Rotation using Resistance Band

Attach resistance band to doorknob / wall.
Stand with right side to wall.
Hold resistance band with right hand.
Bend elbow to 90-degree angle, hand facing frontward and elbow close to body.
Slowly rotate hand toward the middle of the body.
Return to starting position.
Repeat 10 times. Repeat exercise on other side

Isometric External Rotation

Stand with side to wall.
Bend elbow to 90-degree angle. Keep elbow close to body.
Press back of hand into wall for 10 seconds. Repeat exercise on other side

External Rotation using Dumbbells

Lie on left side.
With right arm, hold dumbbell next to body, elbow bent 90-degrees.
Slowly lift upward until back of hand faces backward.
Return to starting position.
Repeat 10 times. Repeat exercise on other side

External Rotation using Resistance Band

Attach resistance band to doorknob / wall.
Stand with left side to wall.
Hold resistance band with right hand.
Start with right hand in middle of body, elbow bent 90-degrees.
Slowly stretch band by moving arm outward until back of hand facing backward.
Do one set (10 repetitions) Repeat exercise on other side.

Lateral Raise using Dumbbell

Stand or sit in chair.
With arms at side and thumbs pointed upward, slowly raise arm to the sides but slightly toward the front (at about a 30 degree angle to the front of the body) until almost shoulder level.
Repeat 10 times.

Lying Lateral Raise using Dumbbell

Lie on left side. Hold dumbbell in right hand in, placed in front of thigh, palm facing leg. Keep elbow slightly bent. Raise dumbbell slowly until arm is at 45-degree angle.
Return to starting position.
Repeat 10 times. Repeat exercise on other side.

Lateral Raise with Internal Rotation using Dumbbell

Stand or sit.
With arms at side and thumbs pointed toward ground (shoulders internally rotated), slowly raise arm to the sides but slightly toward the front (at about a 30 degree angle to the front of the body) until almost shoulder level.
Repeat 10 times.

Resources: Shoulder Pain Management

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Pac Man!!!!

To Manny Pacquiao...what a fight. What a fight! By far the best POUND FOR POUND FIGHTER in the boxing world today. Filipinos were truly represented last night. Great fight.

Cmon Floyd Merriweather...bring it on man. Phew!

Garage workout
Time: 5:30

Hurricane Workout Off Day Routine
- 60 sec per exercise
- circuit style
- 2 minute rest periods

Heavy Bag Punching
Running High Knees
Jump with arm swing and landing on balls of feet
Inverted Rows
2 handed DB Swings
Treadmill Run

Ab circuit x2
Leg raises
Standing Oblique Side crunches
Plank on Stab Ball
Side Planks


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hugh Hackman Is Fit

These workouts are pretty darn cool. One it's total fitness based, it trains alot of multi-movements on different planes per exercise. High volume in nature but definitely feel the effects of these workouts 2 weeks in. One thing I've been noticing is some of my weight preferences have been more on the moderate side than trying to go for world records in a routine. I think this is a great change up where I would always want to go heavy. So I think changing up weight loads is very important especially when trying to complete 10 reps of a set for 4 sets. Not easy....

Today's workout....

Time: 5:45
Garage workout
a) KB Cleans 4x5

b) RDL's 4x10

c1)Incline BB Press 4x10
c2)DB Bulgarian Split Squats

d1)KB High Pulls 4x10 (loved this one)
d2)Standing plate torso twists 4x10

e1)KB Jerks
e2)Chin Ups to failure 9/6/6

NO intervals.

Notes: Watched Wolverine last night with the family and it was a very good movie. Being a comic buff myself - I was really able to appreciate the movie even more. Great movie and if you get a chance to see the movie you just have to appreciate some of the physiques on these guys - damn! Hugh Hackman is fit! There was another guy who was playing Deadpool who was pretty damn fit too. Awesome movie...

Read up on Hugh Hackman's guest appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show here:

Oh and Oprah and Hugh Twitter, too!!!

Great stuff.

Train safe!