Saturday, May 9, 2009

Andy's High Rep/High Volume Barefoot Workout

Sleep in day today...

Garage Workout
Time: 3:30 pm

Notes: This workout was done on bare feet. Again, these workouts do take some time to complete. Very high volume, very physically demanding. This is the last week of this specific routine. Dos Remedios definitely has a great program philisophy and I highly recommend people to take a peek at his Power Training Book. There are lots of good stuff in his book. I can pick out any routine from his book and do this for 3 weeks and not get bored one bit. Will be coming back to his program again here soon...

Contemplating on doing a great Alwyn Cosgrove routine that involves combination lifting of BB complexes, hybrid lifts and true combinations. I understand Cosgrove and Dos are good friends - so I should be well within the parameters of what I've been doing currently. This workout does involve a metabolic stimulus and not a strength or hypertrophy stimulus - so I will be conservative with the weights. BF went up to 2% - not surprised here with the type of workouts I'm hitting and the calories needed to get through them and for sole purpose of proper muscle recovery. But it has been great hitting weights again. I will still create havoc with my workouts as usual. But please note: I am definitely not going for world records here. I'm not aiming to be get buffed out either. Although most of my workouts do involve strength work for the most part - it's all about athletic training/conditioning and metabolic stimulation for me right now.

Have a day to think about it so we shall see. =)

Did do some iso work for extra work. Had time on my hands but again, this did take some time to complete. Great workout nonetheless....

1) Power Cleans 135x4x5

2) BB Split Squats (per leg) 115x10, 135x10, 155x10, 165x10

3) One leg RDL's with 25lb DB's on each hand 4x10

4a) BB Flat Bench Press 115x1x10, 135x1x10, 155x10, 165x10 (I know...I promised to never go over 135 on the bench press but I honestly did pretty good here with the increased loads per set)
4b) DB flies 25x4x8 (added)
4c) Lying DB Tricep Extensions 25x4x8 (added)
**** rest periods were about 90 secs to 2 minutes before repeating 3 more times.

5a) One arm plank with band pull 30x4x10/arm (modified)
5b) Push Ups 4x6 (added)

6a) Seated Russian torso twists with 12 lb med ball 4x15 reps/side
6b) Fast Tempo Mountain Climbers 4x12

7a) Seated Military Presses 45x4x10 (added)
7b) Bentover rows 25x4x6 (added)

Off day tomorrow....going out for lunch with a friend and his family at a great Lighthouse Buffet overviewing the San Diego Bay tomorrow for Mother's Day...should be fun.

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