Monday, May 11, 2009

Volleyball Gym was PACKED tonight!

So I get to our local gym for volleyball tonight...about an hour late as I was just coming off work. The summer is just around the corner and more and more I seem to see a grip of guys and gals heading for some Monday Night V-ball.

This was the most packed I've seen this gym in some time...whoa.

The only downside is...I'm seeing newbies who were very unruly on the court (let's just say these were generally punks who can't play and were out there with some tang tops and boardshorts with some tats all over their arms. Get my drift?) and girls who just want to look cute - who absolutely had no reason to be on the court whatsoever. No game at all. It really killed the excitement from what could have been a pretty good night overall. There are 2 courts. One court I like to call the court for the hardcore players...and then there's this other court all the way to the end which is for guys/gals who just want to mess around or warm up til we start to replace the losing team from the other court.

Anyway, to make the long story short - there were these punks that just couldn't understand the game and even not understand common courtesy. Let's just say they were being really obnoxious and giving some serious lip service to some girls who I thought was a bit out of league to be disrespectful to the women. Well, I know these girls and have played with them on occasion and they are better than most guys I've played against or with - compared to these punks who seem to have this sense of ownership on the court tonight.

Honestly, they killed the spirit of a rather fun night... they were bickering about who was going to be the starting 6...I offered my spot to some dude and took my bag and ball and walked to the other court and played some 3 on 3 with some high school teens that I found even more enjoyable for the night. 2 on 2, 3 on 3 does become harder because there's more court to cover. Got 8 kills and did alot of jump serving tonight - so was able to get some swings in which was cool in that regard.

The girls I know were a bit ticked off as well with these guys (well I'm don't show much emotion, but these girls...hahahaha!!!) and they decided to just take off. Couldn't blame 'em...but that really sucked ass though.

Moral of the story...follow your heart and you will find true happiness and content in life no matter how big or small these may be. If your heart isn't in something...neither will your body or your mind. Just because you're walking against the wind sometimes and just being you - don't sweat it. Just do your thing, man. Just do your thing - and do what you know is right. Just walk away from ignorance and find your happiness somewhere else - and that could be just a matter of using pure common sense. No need to put up with ignorance in life. Heck, I saw alot of ignorance tonight and sometimes you just need to sniff those out and walk away. No need to be a monkey (the monkey see, monkey do attitude) and try to be like everybody else - do what you're heart wants to do, and that's where true happiness lies.

Dont be ignorant...just use common sense and sometimes - that's all there is to it folks.

Be yourself...

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