Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Thanks" Alwyn...

Got up early this morning...less sore, more motivated. Cosgrove this literally has to be the hardest complex I've ever done. The hardest. Anyway, here's my workout this early Saturday morning...

Time: 5 am
Garage workout

I. Warm Up
- Legs swings, jump rope, shoulder rotations
Warm Up Circuit x 2
- running high knees
- push ups
- forward lunges
- one leg rdl's

II. Workout
a) KB power cleans (54 lbs) 4x5/arm - love the unilateral explosive movement on this one. Also noticed core being worked here as well.

b1) BB RDL's 155x4x10
b2) DB external/internal rotations (almost like a active rest for me before doing the next set of RDL's. No time wasted here baby)

c1) DB Row and twist 45x4x10
c2) Plyometric Jumps - Lateral Hops over Bar 10/side

d1) Assisted Chins 4x10

III. HIIT (Cosgrove Complex D)
45 lb bar
6 exercises, 5 reps each
90 sec rest between rounds
4 rounds (this is (*)&in TOUGH)

a) Squat Jumps with Bar
b) Squats
c) Squats with 10 sec hold (yep, you read right)
d) Military Press
e) Push Press
f) Squat to Overhed Press (damn!)

- This is very challenging complex in itself but it felt soooo darn good. What a great workout, Alwyn. Thanks for a great ass whuppin today. =)

IV. Big time foam rolls...and some static stretching to end it. Phew.

Have a great weekend.

Train Safe,


Smoketheblowfish said...

Nice workout Andy!!! I'd give it an 8.75 on the Nutbag Scale, probably higher if I tried the session.

Glad to see you've kept it in high gear!


Andy said...

thanks Mike....definitely the nutbag is starting to shine once again. :)

But this complex was T-O-U-G-H.

Thanks for the score! ;)