Friday, May 22, 2009

Abused by alcohol...

Haven't gone drinking in some time. Literally it's been months. Had a great time out with a group of buddies of mine at work and we had a blast at a bar here in Downtown SD.

We were there for a full 4 hours just drinking away, eating and having a good time.

So I went home....crashed in bed and got up pretty late for work this morning. So no workouts. Not worried at all....I think this is one of a few that I've missed.

I found this amusing these last few weeks, particularly last night of some observations. Yep, lots of kidding went on last night but yes - the comments of how skinny thin I look. Maybe it's true but those are the comments that I've always been getting since Day 1 - so nothing's changed ... those comments...the amusing ones that want to sabotage every little thing I did in the weight room over the span of 2 1/2 years. It's all in fun and jest because they are good friends of mine. But with the unsolicited comments also come the positive and supported ones - so on the other side of the equation, is a good thing. Bottomline: both sides see a change - it's just perceived differently. I could understand that. But I don't let either affect me one bit. It isn't about them here - but all about me.

If they only knew how long it took me. You have the right reasons - you can look at anyone straight in the eye and tell them why you do what you do in non-condescending way. But that's just me.

I look at it this way - this is going to be an ongoing thing (I guess the fitter you get - the more people will take notice) and I'm well over that. Just find it amusing is all.

Lot of friends of mine were getting on my case that I needed to "bulk up". Co workers during recent weeks have even asked me if I was on supplements or juicing. Last night they were even teasing me that I could have anything on the menu as long as I promised them that I get some "weight" back. although there was alot of useless calories consumed last night. No worries...I think it's safe to say, I'm comfortable in knowing what I know now than what I didn't know 2 1/2 years ago in living a healthier lifestyle. Advantage: Me. :)

Sad to say: no supplements used on this body. Nope.

We're not in this thing to please others, or be more accepted in the community. But it is a good thing to know that people do see a change not only externally but internally. Take the good with the bad and take some pride of your accomplishments the natural way through diet, exercise and mindset. Put those 3 things in your lifestyle - no one can get in your way from achieving your dreams. Be selfish with this and always put yourself first in everything you do to get to those goals.

Have a great weekend.



Roundballnz said...

Right on Andy - great post - have a good one

Primal Mama said...

Hey there! Nice post. Friends and family usually mean well but the comments do sometimes make me feel as if I have to defend the reasons why I eat and exercise the way I do. You look like you've made great progress, which should speak for itself.