Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Morning DosGrove Workout

Great rest day yesterday. Happy New Workweek to all...My Monday Morning workout...I'll call it the Monday DosGrove Workout.

Time: 6am
Work Gym

I. BW circuit x2
- Jump rope - 40 reps
- Push Ups - 12
- Reverse Lunges - 6/side (alternating)
- Neutral Grip Pull Ups - 6 reps

II. Dos Workout (Push Routine)
a.) DB snatch 25x1x5, 45x1x5, 50x1x5 55x2x5 per arm (the first set was almost like a warm up set)

b1) BB Split Squat 95x4x10/leg
b2) DB Flat Presses *45x1x8 (warm up); 55x2x10, 65x2x10

c) Stab Ball Jacknife to push up 4x10/8/8/6

d1) DB corkscrews 20x4x10/side
d2) Planks with arms on stab ball 4x30 sec hold

III. Cosgrove Complex A
- 45 lb bar
- 5x5 with 75 sec rest (rest periods go down each week)
- again, 5 rounds
Exercises in order:
- BB rows
- Hang Cleans
- Front Squat to Press
- Jump Squats
- Goodmornings

IV. Stretching

Fast, efficient - effective. This would be about my 5th week of Dos' routines... Combining Dos Remedios athletic strength training and a little bit Cosgrove's metabolic approach philosophies is pretty interesting. Finding DB snatches easier on the wrists than KB snatches with the weights used here. Best to use the higher weighted KB's for swings, high pulls, gobbler squats and rows in my opinion.



Anonymous said...

That's a great looking session, Andy!
One thing I'd like to say:

YOU'RE A BEAST!! 55lb DB snatches?!? That's AWESOME!!
Not to mention 5x5 round complex as a finisher! As Smoke would say, "What'd you do with the Andy I know?"

That's awesome, man. Keep it going...

Stay strong,

Andy said...

Thanks Fred...actually with the snatch move - be it barbell, KB or DB: it's all in the hips and "the pull"...definitely feeling that power development. Doing Power Olympic Lifting for 5 weeks - I wouldn't expect anything less than to be able to snatch 55 lbs by now. I'm loving these workouts....=)

Thanks man!